New Service: Samsung Galaxy Note i717 Glass and LCD Screen Repair (Black and White)

Greetings M:R Nation,

We have just received stock and are excited to announce that we now service the  Samsung Galaxy Note i717! These screens are beautiful and GIGANTIC! This is an AT&T phone and has a 5.3in AMOLED screen that is blinding. It also utilizes Corning’s “Gorilla Glass” Technology. Samsung has sold 1,000,000 in its first two months of being on the market and with these numbers, we assume there is a few broken Notes and hearts out there 🙂

Fresh out of the package!

Please visit the following links to get your repair started today!

Black:Samsung Galaxy Note i717 Glass and LCD Screen Repair

White: Samsung Galaxy Note i717 Glass and LCD Screen Repair

Cheers, Troy


Good Morning M:R Nation,

I walked into the office this morning and noticed a slightly slower than normal pace with our customer service team (Luckily before we were open) and I found the same pace in the back with our Tech departments. It seemed like our shipping department was the only department awake:) Don’t worry, we came up with a great solution and before the doors opened and the phones kicked on we were rockin it out!

If you are running a little slow today, let this blog only 15% coupon code perk you up! This is for you, our devoted blog audience. Thank you for stoping by on a daily basis! Use Code: perky15 VALID 6/29/12 – 7/1/12

Cheers, Troy

Expanded Service: Matte 11″ and 13″ New MacBook Air LCD Screen Repairs!

Hello M:R Nation,

It’s a toasty day in Kansas City and I am quite happy sitting behind this desk, in my chilly office. As I am sitting here writing this I am giddy with excitement over our new expanded Macbook Air services! We are announcing 2 different services today. The first service is a full MacBook Air LCD Screen replacement that utilizes a Matte (Anti-Glare) coating. This is very useful when sitting outside or in a room with bright lighting. We have found it very helpful with finger prints as well. Now it’s not finger print resistant by any means, but it doesn’t seem to pick up as many as it’s glossy counter part.

We are offering this for both the 11″ and 13″ Macbook Air (2009 and up). The best part about this service expansion, it cost the same as the glossy screen service! We refuse to hit you with a huge up-charge for what we consider a great upgrade to your standard glossy screen! Check it out here:  Matte 13″ MacBook Air LCD Screen Repair and here: Matte 11″ MacBook Air LCD Screen Repair.

What your screen will look like after we get a hold of it!

But wait, what about those of us that have a perfectly functioning MacBook Air screen and want this AWESOME feature? I’m glad you asked, starting today we are also offering a Macbook Air Glossy to Matte Finish Upgrade for both the 11 and 13 inch models! We are providing this service to our customers for the SUPER EXCLUSIVE price of $99! Available now : Macbook Air Glossy to Matte Finish Upgrade 11″ and 13″ (2009 +)

Cheers, Troy

Now Available: White Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Glass and LCD Screen Repair

Greetings M:R Nation,

I am thrilled to start contributing to this awesome blog and I am starting with the best topic possible: A new product launch! Starting today, we can now service the white Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. We have had many repair requests for this phone and we are excited to finally extend this line to our customers!

The Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch is a powerful Sprint phone that utilizes Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus screen. This screen is beautiful and unfortunately, very breakable. No need to worry, we have you covered if this happens. Click the link below and get started on repairing that busted phone right now!

White:  Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Glass and LCD Screen Repair  

Black: Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Glass and LCD Screen Repair

Cheers, Troy

Motorola Razr MAXX screen repairs announced! Mission Repair does it again.

Hello my friends. I’m back again this afternoon with a short blog about a new service that we’re already selling.

Mission Repair is happy to announce the amazing 24 hour repair service for the Motorola Razr MAXX screen replacement!

Truth is that the Droid Razr and the Droid Razr MAXX use the same screen – but we had a little confusion among our customers. . .so we’ve clarified it by adding a service just for the MAXX! Whats the difference? Well the MAXX has a bigger battery and therefore a longer battery life. MAXX – get it?

Crack that glass? Just dial 866-638-8402.

Still confused? I don’t blame ya. There are so many phones that need assistance from the professionals; give us a call at 866-638-8402 if you want to discuss.

Talk to you soon, Ryan