Deal Of The Week: Kindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service

Hello M:R Nation –

We have a new Deal Of The Week starting today that we think is pretty hot (get it?). Ok, all horrible jokes aside, we received a huge supply of Kindle Fire glass screens in today and thought it the perfect candidate for our weekly special!

Not only are we stocked and ready for the onslaught of services that we’ll receive, we’re sure to generate some buzz by lowering our repair price by $20 for the next week! That’s right, the Kindle Fire Screen Repair is on special at the lowest service price to date and right now you can pocket an extra $20 by ordering!

Don’t delay, we don’t want this fire to go out. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Whew this is a smokin’ deal. Ok, I’m done.

Cheers, Troy.

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