What is Labor Day at Mission Repair? Coupon inside!

Hello there everyone and happy Friday!

We are closing up a record month here at Mission Repair. We had another new employee start today on our production line. . .not only a record month in sales, but a record month in new employees starting. I always told myself that once I can’t remember everyone’s name, I know that we’ve made it big.

Well Adam started today so my “name memory” is still working fine 😉 I think that once we get to 50 employees I may start to become “forgetful”. I pride myself in knowing who’s-who and what’s-what in my business; but once I got over 30 employees I noticed myself losing grasp on a few things. It’s OK, that’s what my managers are for, right?!? I just have to learn to let go of certain tasks. It’s change that’s the hardest, but it’s also a ton of fun.

Speaking of employees, everyone is getting a well-deserved day off on Monday for Labor Day. You may ask: “What is Labor Day?”

Well there is an official definition that is something about a workers strike back in the 1800’s and it quickly became a National holiday soon thereafter. Others say that they recognize it merely as the beginning of the school year…or the official end of the summer. Of course it’s is typically the last day that the city pools are open for the year.

At Mission Repair, we celebrate it just like many other retailers and online businesses do – we have a sale!

So what can you expect from this amazing Labor Day weekend at Mission Repair? Firstly we will be open for business as usual Saturday and Sunday. Come on over to our service center and we will be happy to take care of you! We will be closed on Monday 9/3/12 so be sure to make note of that!!

Additionally, we are offering a whopping 20% every order placed this weekend online. That’s right. 20% off. That even includes 20% off of the shipping on your repair order. I dare you to try to find a better price on any of Mission Repair’s services. You won’t find it!

So if you’re in need of an iPad repair, iPod glass repair, iPhone fix or other Android Cell phone service. Click on over to the Mission Repair website and use coupon code “dayoff” for your 20% discount.

This offer runs Saturday (9/1/12), Sunday (9/2/12) and Monday (9/3/12) ONLY. Offer not good on orders placed any other dates and not good in conjunction with any other offer or discount. It’s simply amazing.

I’m back to the grind stone – that’s probably some sort of saying from the 1800’s as well. To me it means “Back to work Ryan”. I’ll talk to you again soon.

See ya, Ryan

KC Live was a blast today!

Hello there folks,

I just got back from NBC’s studios in Kansas City from our LIVE spot on their Morning Show, KC LIVE! This was our second of a 7 part series. I have to admit it’s fun and a good time but I get REALLY NERVOUS as the crew behind the cameras start counting down “you’re live in 5…4…3…2…1…action!”.

Today I was interviewed by Michael on the couch which is a new spot for me. Last time I was able to stand which gave me a little “wiggle” room. Not today – it felt like the hot seat!

Don’t panic Ryan, it’s just LIVE TV!

Today’s topic was all about iPad repair and why Mission Repair is the prime spot for service. Of course, this is my area of expertise. . .so I made sure to boast as professionally as I could 😉

OK, the next airing will be in a couple of weeks and I’ll be talking a lot about Facebook and our iPod Giveaway that we are having on Facebook. Stay tuned!!

Take care, Ryan

P.S. It’s been a couple of hours since the broadcast and my adrenaline is almost back to normal.

Lunchtime at Mission Repair – Captain’s orders.

Hello everyone, it’s just about lunchtime here at Mission Repair.

We are finishing up an extraordinary month at the Mission Repair Service Center and I had a craving for a sub sandwich today. I forgot to bring my “homemade” lunch AGAIN so heading over to Jimmy John’s sounded like a great idea.

When I walked into the office I figure what the heck. . .I’ll buy everyone a box lunch from my favorite sandwich shop today. So I asked Jenny to take charge and take orders from everyone early this morning.

30 sandwiches later and here I am handing them out just a few minutes ago:

My team works hard and is always going the extra mile to make sure our customers are treated right – so every once in a while I try to do something small to keep the employees right 😉

The team at Jimmy John’s does it right too – here’s my box lunch all set up and ready to go. By the way, my “usual” is the Hunter’s Club sandwich with the chocolate chunk cookie and the jalapeno kettle chips. Yummy! If you haven’t tried Jimmy John’s you should certainly give it an honest effort. You’ll thank me later:

So lunch is on me today – we’re finishing up all the munchin’ and we’ll back to to work shortly.

I hope you’re having a great day!

Best, Ryan

One More Day!

Happy Monday M:R Nation –

You wouldn’t believe the amount of emails I received this weekend requesting the “Weekend Coupon Code“! It was quite literally one email after the other. My wife finally asked me why I was looking at my phone so much this weekend, I showed her the blog and the words “You are such a workaholic” formed under her breath:)

I enjoyed receiving so many emails, that I want to continue the onslaught 🙂 I am extending this coupon code for ONE MORE DAY! Follow the same directions that were in my previous blog and save yourself some money!

Cheers, Troy

Weekend Coupon:15% Off!

It looks like we meet again M:R Nation –

This weekend is the last weekend before the start of College Football! I have agreed with my wife that it would be a good weekend to get away and have family time before I am glued to the TV or in Lincoln, Nebraska every Saturday for the next 4 months or so. So I will unfortunately be out of the office all weekend but I can still check my email! Why is the ability for me to check my email important you ask? Because you will have to email me to receive your coupon!

To receive your 15% coupon code, email me at Troy@missionrepair.com and put “m:r nation” in the subject line. In return, I will reply with this weekends awesome code. Don’t miss out on this!

Cheers, Troy

(Photo Credit: www.couponaudit.com)