Have you ever played with the toys you gave to your child on Christmas?

Good morning again friends-

I think I was as excited as Casey was when he opened his “big” present this year.  In fact, I was so excited – because I got to play with him!

Have you heard of the cutting edge new company “Anki”? Well, their first product, Anki Drive was released during Apple’s last major keynote presentation, and we scored an Anki Drive for Casey this Christmas.

We couldn’t wait to get the track unrolled – and we stuffed it into out basement kitchen area to keep the dogs from trampling it:


Yes, I took some video, but I sounds kind of like a doofus in it, so I’ll take some different video later to share. That’s Casey getting the hang of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that comes built in. And believe me these cars running under AI learn FAST. Casey is currently working to upgrade his car to the “railgun” option and he’s been furiously playing all night. Nice work Anki, I concur this is a different level of entertainment!

Is it cool? Heck yeah. Learn more about it on the Anki website.

I didn’t get any neckties this year – so I’m counting myself lucky 😉 We got an Anki Drive in the house and I might just go home for lunch today to get a few runs in!

Take care, Ryan

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