Lunchtime at Mission Repair – Captain’s orders.

Hello everyone, it’s just about lunchtime here at Mission Repair.

We are finishing up an extraordinary month at the Mission Repair Service Center and I had a craving for a sub sandwich today. I forgot to bring my “homemade” lunch AGAIN so heading over to Jimmy John’s sounded like a great idea.

When I walked into the office I figure what the heck. . .I’ll buy everyone a box lunch from my favorite sandwich shop today. So I asked Jenny to take charge and take orders from everyone early this morning.

30 sandwiches later and here I am handing them out just a few minutes ago:

My team works hard and is always going the extra mile to make sure our customers are treated right – so every once in a while I try to do something small to keep the employees right 😉

The team at Jimmy John’s does it right too – here’s my box lunch all set up and ready to go. By the way, my “usual” is the Hunter’s Club sandwich with the chocolate chunk cookie and the jalapeno kettle chips. Yummy! If you haven’t tried Jimmy John’s you should certainly give it an honest effort. You’ll thank me later:

So lunch is on me today – we’re finishing up all the munchin’ and we’ll back to to work shortly.

I hope you’re having a great day!

Best, Ryan

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