Local Treasures!

Hello M:R Nation –

During my time off last week, I made it a point to support as many local businesses as I could. But, what it actually turned into was just a gluttonous shopping spree. I packed up the kids and headed off on an adventure (as my son would say). I had a very specific plan in place of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. First stop in the morning is always coffee. So I headed to The Roasterie to pick up some of my favorite beans!

Excellent coffee!

Excellent coffee!

By the time we were done picking up said beans, we started to get a little hungry. What better way to celebrate our local adventure than stopping at the best BBQ restaurant in the world, Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ! Here I shared a special teaching point with my children, “Always order the Z-Man”!

Can't beat this!

Can’t beat this!

After Lunch, we headed to the store to pick up some much needed supplies. The typical diapers, wipes, goldfish, toys and of course, milk. Milk is a necessity of life and everyone uses it for something. We blandly open our grocers cooler and reach for a red, blue or pink cap. It has become all too boring if you ask me. This is why I made sure to go out of my way to locate some of the nations best produce milk and it just so happens to be produced in the KC area. Say hello to Shatto Milk!

On this trip, I grabbed coffee, strawberry and chocolate milk!

On this trip, I grabbed coffee, strawberry and chocolate milk!

Once we had our tummies full of delicious milk, it was time for a much needed nap! After this quick nap, were off to our local farmers market to obtain some tasty beef jerky… I mean fresh produce 🙂 This was a great time, but remember, its always a good idea to bring cash to a farmers market! I learned that the hard way…

Tomato time!

Tomato time!

With our day coming to an end, we packed it up and headed back home. We had a great time and I think I started to teach my children a great philosophy of supporting local businesses. Local/small business is what keeps this great country running and one day, there is a great chance that they will either own or work for a small business.

Mission Repair is a local business. Granted, we do a lot of our business on a national and even international level, but we were born and raised right here in Kansas City. We have opened our doors for our community to experience the same great service we offer to everyone nationwide! Because of that, we have even extended our hours and decided to stay open 7 days a week. Yes, what was meant to be a nationwide mail-in repair center, has naturally turned into a mecca for all things broken in the Kansas city area. Come visit us soon!

p.s. When the kids went to bed, I made sure to enjoy this beautiful night cap:

It only takes one to hit the spot!

It only takes one to hit the spot!

Cheers, Troy


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