My pizzeria is open for business!

Good morning everyone,

Well I didn’t really open a pizzeria. I honestly don’t know much about the pizza business, but at home I’ve been trying to perfect the perfect pizza. Trust me, I don’t mind trying over and over until I get it right! You may or may not know this, but Kansas City isn’t the “Pizza Capital of the World” and ever since I moved here in 2002, I’ve been on the hunt for good pizza. We need a “Round Table” caliber pizza place to open up! Bonus points to you if you know what a “Round Table Pizza” is.


This shot is from Sunday evening, and as we were trying to decide what to do for dinner…I got working on my dough, found that we had some fresh sliced large pepperoni in the fridge and some sauce that was going to work out perfectly. Normally, I need some real “prep” time to make a homemade pizza, but things just fell into place and within an hour I pulled this little beauty out of the oven. You’ll notice the crispy bacon on top of the pepperoni as well…yummy.

So why am I talking about pizza today in my blog? Well, honestly…I’m looking for a good pizza dough recipe. We have hundreds of thousands of readers on my Mission Repair blog, so I’m reaching out. If you submit a recipe, I’ll make a pie and post a picture of it here. Just let me know how you make them by emailing me directly.

Thanks for any help in this endeavor. Why it’s not at all business-worthy material, I have to constantly remind myself that life is made up of little pleasures and one of those for me is covered in mozzarella. Thanks for your input!

In any case, have a great day and if any of my readers are heading to Round Table today, send me a picture of that as well 😉

Take care, I’ll be back with more Mission Repair business info soon.

Best, Ryan