Mission Repair coupon code!

Looking for a Mission Repair coupon code? This is the place to do it! The Mission Repair blog is chock full of goodies, specials and information about Mission Repair, the employees and myself! We repair iPods, iPhones, Mac Laptops, Cell Phones, iPads . .well you get the idea. We repair a ton of stuff.

I’ll periodically post some whoppers and huge “today only” specials so you should check back daily if you’re looking to save a little money.

How does 15% off your order sound? This is available today (4/14/11) and tomorrow (4/15/11) through 5:00pm Central Standard Time. Why until 5:00pm?

That’s huge savings on our already smoking great prices. The catch? You must call in to 866-638-8402, ask for Jenny, and she will tell you what the coupon code is. Yes, Jenny is the magic potion and she’ll be happy to dish out the coupon, but she’s off the clock at 5:00pm tomorrow afternoon!

Thanks, I’ll let her know that you’ll be calling soon 😉

Best, Ryan

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