15% off of EVERYTHING now! Memorial Day Weekend Special!

Hello all – let’s make this blog post quick and easy. 15% off this weekend (through 5/31/11) of any service or part (includes shipping discounts as well!!!) if you get your order in quickly. . .this is for iPod repair, iPhone repair, well any repair that we have on our site! This includes our Got Repair website as well. . .

Just use coupon code “memorial” when checking out online. This will take that 15% off before you finish your checkout.

I’m heading out for the weekend, so if I don’t see you, I’ll be back next week!

Take care, Ryan

iPad 2 Volume Button Repairs announced!

Hello all, good morning! We are continuing with our full-service iPad 2 repairs and we’re in the middle of making the magic happen on our websites.

We are doing our best to be reasonable with our pricing and most certainly continuing to offer the best service available on the internet. We already taking in an overwhelming number of iPad 2 glass repairs – and doing so with overwhelming success.

Now that we’ve added most of the services that we know our customers will want, we’re ready to fulfill these repair requests because we have the parts in stock.

Today, the iPad 2 volume button repair was added, along with the iPad 2 Power Button repair and the iPad 2 Orientation/Lock Button Replacement.

With all of our services, we are completing the repairs within 24 hours and making customers happy. I’ll be back soon with a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend coupon available only to our blog readers!

Take care, Ryan

iPad 2 Headphone jack repairs – ready and rolling!

Hello again friends! I just wanted to give you one more quick update about our site today, and that we are now taking orders for iPad 2 Headphone Jack Repairs. Well, we’re not really repairing the headphone jack, we’re replacing it, but it WILL repair your iPad 2!

This is where Mission Repair saves the day. We are built around customer service and keeping our prices low is a priority. Just take a look at our website to view the extensive line of services available for those customers that want a viable option for fast, professional service!

We’ve replaced a lot of headphone jacks on the original iPad already. The issue is that if something gets stuck in there. . .dirt, metal, or otherwise, it’s not a repair that is covered by your Apple warranty. You’ll have to pay Apple full repair price, or visit us and we’ll handle the repair for a legitimate price and will repair other symptoms such as sounds out of one headphone, or scratchy sound!

We’ve launched the iPad 2 Headphone Jack Replacement at just $89 installed. This will get you a BRAND NEW headphone jack and your audio back. I know, it’s a “must have”.

Take care, Ryan

iPad 2 Repair launched – believe me that they are reasonable prices!

Hello all-

iPad 2 Repairs and Services – when it breaks call Mission Repair! We are now offering a full line of iPad 2 repairs and services at incredible prices.

The huge success of the iPad 2 has brought a lot of attention to the repair market and until today there has not been a viable, cost effective solution to have even the simplest of repairs done. This is NO MORE!

We're not only doing glass repairs- we do it all!

Many vendors that are offering iPad 2 services are overcharging. Not at Mission Repair. Our prices are in line (as is the rest of our business) and not taking advantage of a new market. From headphone jack repairs, docking ports replacement, battery replacement, camera repairs, and speaker replacement services, we have the best price and turnaround in the market.

Let the flood gates open! Remember Mission Repair and why you’re reading this blog in the first place. . .we’re friends!

Best, Ryan

Charley at Mission Repair passed the test. . .he’s Apple Certified!

Hello all, it’s a beautiful day here at the Mission Repair base– and I’m happy to bring you some good news. Well it’s good news to me, and it’s great news to Charley. . .

Apple Certified Macintosh Technician - Charley Viehland!

What does this mean for you? Well, you’re in good hands when you send your computer into Mission Repair. Our technicians are high-quality people, like to have fun, and love to work on Macs! They have the resources to service your computer correctly and at a price that won’t drain your bank account. We understand the value in service, it’s why we’re in business and our goal is to keep your Macintosh computers running for longer rather than spending a ton of money on buying new and adding to a landfill!

Check us out on the web. Our pricing is simply amazing. Our warranties are outstanding. Our “Got Repair” benefits seal the deal.

Want to know more? Send Charley an email!

Take care, Ryan