Hey, are you guys ready to let the blogs out?

This blog title is my attempt at a pun from a recent popular movie. When I say recent, it’s from 2009 and it’s being quoted all over Las Vegas- I just watched it again this weekend and it’s still pretty hilarious!

Do you know who wore this shirt on the big screen?

I’m glad to be back in the office this week! How was your Easter Sunday? Went pretty well for me however my youngest child is 14 years old and still wants to do an Easter egg hunt. I took care of him last night and let he and his sisters roam the yard searching for eggs. . .For dinner I made a huge batch of fried chicken in my outdoor fryer and made several flavors of wings and breasts. Mashed potatoes, gravy and corn on the cob off the grill rounded out the meal with a strawberry cake as the grand finale!

Well, now this week I need to get back to my normal diet and back to my normal tasks of helping you find the service at Mission Repair that you’re looking for. Not to worry, you can start here:

iPod Repair
iPhone Repair
MacBook Repair
iPad and Tablet Repair
Cell Phone Repair
Windows Laptop Repair

Then after you’ve chosen your service, just use coupon code “Alan” to receive 10% off upon checkout!! This coupon will be good through 4/30/11 at midnight so get on it quickly! This coupon works online or when you call in. . .

Well have a great Monday and we’ll see you at the movies on 5/26/11. This is when the sequel comes out!

Take care, Ryan