Meatball sandwich?

Hello all! I’m just finishing up on a luncheon for the Mission Repair staff (the brave souls). . .I’m making my world famous meatball sandwiches! Well, they are world famous in “my” world anyway.

So I’ve got the meatballs simmering in their sauce, the alfredo sauce is starting to bubble, the rolls, provolone and the grated Parmesan cheeses are staged. I just need about another 30 minutes for the sauces to finish up and get the meatballs steaming! Here’s a shot of the slow cooker and the meat:

The makings of AMAZING meatball sandwiches.

And here’s what we’re having for dessert:

Sometimes Tums are just "needed".

Well, it’s fun to have lunch once in a while at the office and I’m happy to be the chef for today. What else is fun? Our latest 15% coupon code that you can use on your iPod repair or iPhone repair today. You just need to call in to our main line 866-638-8402 and ask for Jenny. She’ll give you that coupon code that will be good for 15% off today only (4/15/11). Remember, Jenny leaves the office at 5:00pm central standard time, so don’t miss out!

Thanks, I have to head back upstairs to stir my simmering goodness!

Best, Ryan