I’ve been in this game a while, Mission Repair is built from experience.

Good morning everyone, happy Wednesday!

I’ve been repairing Apple products (iPods, iPhones, MacBooks) since 1994 so when the iPad showed up on the market I immediately started our iPad repair services off on the right foot. We had been talking about iPad repairs months before even the first Apple iPad hit the shelves, and frankly I use my iPad every day. I love that thing!

We then launched into the Kindle repair market and we receive Kindles daily for service.

Recently we jumped into the Samsung Galaxy Tab services market with overwhelming success. We are now getting into the rhythm of repairing the Samsung products (including many Samsung Cell Phone Repairs) and these are quickly becoming a staple in our repair lineup.

Now we’ve got the iPad 2 here – Apple released them on 3/11/11. And the very first day we got our first order for a repair and since we’ve been getting in iPad 2 repairs every day.

Why am I mentioning all of this?

Happy customers abound!

We’ve been in the repair market for many years and we’re steadily honing our craft. Our technicians are the best in the business. Each of them have repaired literally thousands of units. When you do something over 1000 times, you get the hang of it, you know the tricks, heck you become an expert. The bottom line is that when you use Mission Repair, you’re getting me, my sales department, my technical staff, my QA department, my webmaster, my receiving department and my shipping staff on your side. All of us have one goal…to make your customer experience perfect.

Thanks and that’s what you should expect from Mission Repair. . .Ryan