Well, it can happen to anyone. iPhone 6 screen problems.

Hi friends,

I just want you to understand that I’ve owned every iPhone except for the iPhone 6 Plus. I was in line at the Apple Store for the very first iPhone (2G!) many years ago and when we got it back to the office everyone was in awe…

I’ve personally NEVER dropped and broken a screen. UNTIL NOW.

I dropped my iPhone 6. Yes, in a previous blog I showed you all that it had BENT on me, but it didn’t break. It worked great.

I usually have my phone with me in the car- and in this situation I set it in my lap. Well, I forgot that I left it there. Stopped my car, opened my door, and SMASH! I heard it hit the concrete. It was face down; I wished to the iPhone spirits in hopes that it wasn’t cracked, but it was. And it was so bad that even the digitizer was 1/2 functioning and the LCD screen had a bunch of lines and was totally unreadable. This meant that I couldn’t even enter my passcode to send a text, make a phone call, or check on my Clash of Clans 😉

Now what?  Even though I own Mission Repair, this was a bit disruptive and worrisome.

Now what? Even though I own Mission Repair, this was a bit disruptive and worrisome.

Once we had a bit of a slowdown, I handed the phone off to Lennie and asked him to install a replacement screen. I thought about making an appointment at the Apple Store to run it through their repair program, but I truthfully didn’t want to wait for an appointment, make the trek downtown, just to have them swap my phone. That would mean that I’d have to reinstall all of my data from a backup and get it back into somewhat of normal operating shape. I chose to have the repair done here at Mission Repair to save me all of the headaches.

Wow, back to normal.  iPhone 6: you complete me.

Wow, back to normal. iPhone 6: you complete me.

Now that it’s back in good working order, I appreciate how a working phone affects my life and my communication ability. I also appreciate how NOT having your phone is a bummer…so we’re doing our best to get customer devices repaired and shipped out just as fast as we can.

I mean, you’ve got you check on your clan App every once in a while, right?

Thanks for reading, take care, Ryan

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