Let’s upgrade that Mac Operating System!

Hello Mac users-

There’s still a little confusion when it comes to upgrading system software on an iMac, especially one that is a few years old.

The nice part about the iMac is that they are hearty machines and last a long time. In fact I still use a 27″ Mid-2010 iMac that I’m typing this blog on as we speak, and it’s still running strong!

However, right about 2009, there was a “break” in the system software that needs to have a “paid” upgrade installed before it can progress beyond the 10.5 revisions…

Yes, Yosemite is nice this time of year.

Yes, Yosemite is nice this time of year.

Macs need to be running at least (Mac) OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8) and have at least 2 GB of RAM installed as well as at least 8 GB of available storage space to upgrade up to Yosemite.

Some of the early models from these lines — 63 different Macs, to be precise — were running Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) or Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) by default and will need to be upgraded to Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8) prior to upgrading to Yosemite if the operating system has not been upgraded already.

Although Yosemite is free, Snow Leopard is not.

If you still are using Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6, in particular; make sure that any software that is important to you has a compatible upgrade version available. It is highly likely that some of your software that works with Tiger, Leopard, or Snow Leopard will not work with Yosemite.

Also, some of these early models — eight different Macs — shipped with 1 GB of RAM by default and will need to have more RAM installed prior to upgrading the operating system. You’d want to to this anyway as a precaution to ensure that your system runs smoothly and you’ll find that it crashes less. Let’s take you up to 4GB of memory if you can do it.

Any questions? Our technicians across the country would love to help you out. 866-638-8402.

Take care, Ryan

Kindle Fire Not Holding A Charge? We’re The Repair Center You’ve Been Looking For

IMG_6076Every week we have a ton of customers asking us if we can repair the charging port on a Kindle Fire. Of course we can! The charging port is the area that you plug your charger into when your device’s battery is running low. This repair requires soldering on the main motherboard inside the unit and it takes some pretty specialized tools to complete. This is one of the reasons why we don’t offer a DIY part for this specific repair. For this one, leave it up to our certified technicians to take care of!

Do you, a friend, or family member have a Kindle Fire that isn’t charging correctly? You’re not alone. It is the most popular repair for this device but have no fear – Mission Repair is here to help with our premium Kindle Fire Charging Port Replacement Repair Service. This service also affordable, much easier on your budget than purchasing a whole new device. One of our certified technicians can replace the charging port for only $49.00. Bring your Kindle Fire to one of our walk-in locations or ship it to our repair center and stop fighting with that defective charging port once and for all!

Questions regarding our repair services? Give us a call at 866-638-8402 to speak to a customer service representative.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ 2014 Charging Port Repairs!

Hello friends of electronics…

I have a short story to tell. I was heading into our local grocery store last night, and as I was walking in, I was using my iPhone to text my son to tell him that I was picking up some ingredients for dinner. Yes, I was walking and looking down at my phone. Until I saw a large SUV coming up to me and about to cross my path. I stopped and watched this gentleman not give me a second look because he was using his cell phone!

Ok, no biggie- no harm done (this time) and I moved on. It got my attention so I slipped my iPhone into my pocket. I then did a little observation, and the next 4 people that I was “merging” with into the front door were ALL either typing texts or presumably reading texts. I then looked into the “food court” area of the store that was behind the glass foyer. The teenager that was working at Starbucks was texting, the customer that was in line was texting, and even the person that was sitting eating a muffin was texting…with the palms of her hands because her fingers had food on them. Think about that one for a minute 😉

My realization was that EVERYONE that I encountered last night was alone (including myself) and moving through life like normal, but ALSO using a hand-held device.

When I was growing up this wasn’t so. The only way to communicate was to stop by a friend’s house or call them on their home phone and ask whomever answered for your buddy. It’s just amazing how we are so digitally connected these days.

This is why Mission Repair is in business. We are doing what we can to keep people connected. For example, we recently announced our Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ (2014 model) charging port repairs – which literally keeps these devices connected to the Internet. Without the ability to charge your Note, you’ll be offline for good.

This repair is just $79 for a new charging port, installed. This will fix charging issues, syncing issues, and will get your Galaxy Note 10.1″ back in service again.

Have any questions? Just give us a text. Just kidding, we’d prefer a call at 866-638-8402. Thanks have a great day!

Best, Ryan

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ Repairs- 2014 Models announced!

Good morning, we’re happy to announce a new service line for the Samsung Note, 10.1″, 2014 model.

These units have a model number of P6000, come in white or black and in a variety of storage capabilities. This device runs Android 4.3, has impressive processing muscle, two fully loaded cameras, and a light portable build. Improved S Pen features boost the tablet’s productivity potential.

Until now, there have been few services available for customers in need of repairs on these devices…Samsung keeps a close reign on the distribution of parts for them.

Argh, until now this has been a problem for everyone!

Argh, until now this has been a problem for everyone!

Toady we’re happy to announce a few new services for our customers:

1. We are now providing Samsung Galaxy Note Black Screen Repairs. Please note that we will replace the glass, LCD and digitizer as an OEM assembly! This should solve ANY screen issues.

2. We are now performing Charging Port Repairs.

3. If you’d like to to diagnose your device, we still do that for free!

I know that this is not an “amazing” blog post, but it’s certainly help for those that are in need. The first call that I took today was for a Samsung Note 10.1″ Screen repair, so it struck me that I better make the announcement as soon as I could. Here it is!

Thanks for reading, talk to you again soon.


Mission Repair, how does it work?

Hello friends,

It’s a Monday morning, and I’ve answered a few calls myself; one of them was, “How does it work?”

Since we’ve been in business longer than just about anyone else in this industry, sometimes I wonder why my customers have this question. It’s OK, I understand that this is pretty much my life so I REALLY understand it. I apologize if it’s not as easy as I think, let me explain. We can service every customer at every address in the Nation, and we have two major repair types:

1. We take local Walk-In Repairs.

That’s right, we are a “no appointment necessary, come on down when you are available” type of business. We have several locations, and you can stop on by during normal business hours. Just bring your broken iPhone, iPad or Computer, and we’ll check it in and get you the service that you need. Each location even has a waiting area if you’d like to wait for your repair to be completed!

2. We take Nation-Wide Mail-In Repairs.

You may or may not know this, but Mission Repair was built on this model. From any address in the USA, you can sit comfortably from the safety and tranquility of your own home and never have to make the journey into public. Simply order any of our services online and we will send your device back to your location (whether it’s a cracked iPad, failing Laptop, or maybe even a tablet that doesn’t charge) and our carrier will hand it off to you or leave it at your doorstep if that’s what you want!

The interesting part of each is that we offer the same warranties for EVERYONE, and the SAME PRICE for each repair for the entire USA. You may find that the competition offers different pricing for different regions of the country, and this happens for several reasons. I’ll leave it up to you to find out why. At Mission Repair, we don’t believe in charging you more for living in certain cities, and we certainly don’t think that you should have to haggle or “negotiate” your repair price. This is why we give our pricing UP FRONT, and you can see all of our pricing online on our website 24 hours per day. There’s no need to “email us for a quote”. However, you’re welcome to email us for a quote or just to say hello!

If you have any questions, just give us a call at 913-948-6992.

Have a great day!