Mission repair Express- the construction is almost complete!

Good morning everyone,

We have been through an immense construction project at our Mission Repair Express location in Mission Kansas all summer- and the end is in sight.

The City of Mission, Kansas started a massive “re-do” of it’s downtown area where our Mission Repair Express location currently resides – and the unveiling is this weekend on November 14th and 15th, 2014! They are finishing the final touches, and added these brick benches in front of our store last week:


The dirt will be filled with grass, tress, and plantings hopefully by Friday, I can’t wait to see the finished results! Directly across the street is a park that has been fulled sodded and ready for long walks, joggers and picnic goers. The entire downtown run looks completely different and the City of Mission is ready. On Friday morning there will be a parade and the City is handing out “swag bags” (look for your Mission Repair Coupon Inside!) and we will be giving discounts all weekend long.

We hope to see you there! I’ll be posting some pics of the unveiling Friday!

Take care, Ryan

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