iPad Screen Repair – watch out for hidden fees!

Hello friends,

We have a full line of iPad screen repairs- and thank you for your patience while waiting for iPad Air 2 Screen repairs, they are coming soon!

The bulk of our iPad repairs are glass replacements for the iPad 2; and there are times it seems that we’re just never going to get through them all! There are a lot of these units out in the market, and with our Got Repair program, we get repeat units in on a daily basis.


There are a lot of other repair companies out there that charge an extra fee for these repairs over their stated repair fee; and it’s to “modify” the back case in order to get a new glass panel to sit flush in the unit once repaired.

The back cases on the full-size iPads are made of aluminum…pretty “thin” aluminum, that will bend if dropped in just the right way. Once the back case bends, it can “fold” into the glass, causing it to crack. Once a technician removes and then lays a new piece of glass into the frame, it may not sit correctly because the back case is “folded” into the area that they glass would sit.

The back case needs to be modified in order for the glass to sit properly.

Mission Repair does not charge for this “rework” to the aluminum back panel. In some cases it’s just a matter of “massaging” the corner of the iPad a bit; in other cases a tiny bit of grinding may be involved. But in all cases when a corner is dented it needs to be reworked before the glass can be put in. It’s a matter of physics.

Our customers have the advantage of always replacing the back case with a brand new one if they so choose; but a small modification to the dented corner of their cracked iPad is typically not an issue. So we’ll do it…and do it for free. Check on this issue with your service provider if you plan on using a repair center other than Mission Repair. It’s good to know what you’re getting into ahead of time!

Thanks, I’ll take to you again soon, Ryan

Exploding batteries in MacBook Air.

Yes, the title is a little scary-

But we’ve seen it too many times. The MacBook Air is a THIN computer, I use one at home and I have to be careful handling it…it’s very fragile and lightweight (don’t ever pick it up by the screen!). There’s something going on with this customer unit though, as many end users over the years have sent in units like this. Take a look, and peek at these pictures closely:



You’ll notice the keyboard is bending “outward”; that’s because the battery inside of the unit has expanded and is putting pressure on the keyboard causing exterior damage! Yikes!

In this particular case, once we replaced the battery, not only did the computer start working again, but it also fell back into shape. This was a lucky turn of events for this customer because sometimes the “bulging” failing battery physically damages the logic board inside the unit which is NEVER good for the unit or the customer; and is costly.

If you find yourself with a bulging keyboard (this is a good sign that your battery has failed) or if your battery is no longer charging or showing up as being “installed” when it actually is there…give us a call at 866-638-8402. We will take care of you fast.

Best, Ryan

Mission repair Express- the construction is almost complete!

Good morning everyone,

We have been through an immense construction project at our Mission Repair Express location in Mission Kansas all summer- and the end is in sight.

The City of Mission, Kansas started a massive “re-do” of it’s downtown area where our Mission Repair Express location currently resides – and the unveiling is this weekend on November 14th and 15th, 2014! They are finishing the final touches, and added these brick benches in front of our store last week:


The dirt will be filled with grass, tress, and plantings hopefully by Friday, I can’t wait to see the finished results! Directly across the street is a park that has been fulled sodded and ready for long walks, joggers and picnic goers. The entire downtown run looks completely different and the City of Mission is ready. On Friday morning there will be a parade and the City is handing out “swag bags” (look for your Mission Repair Coupon Inside!) and we will be giving discounts all weekend long.

We hope to see you there! I’ll be posting some pics of the unveiling Friday!

Take care, Ryan

Mission Repair: we recycle old phones!

Hello everyone,

We’ve just gone National with our cell phone recycling program, and we also take walk-in recycling items as well. We want to do our part to keep eWaste properly controlled and recycled properly, so you’re welcome to stop by any one of our locations to drop off your electronics recycling items.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.18.56 AM

Just visit us during normal business hours, and find one of our recycling kiosks and drop your device in the slot…it’s that easy. If you have a large load or big items, give us a call so that we know that you’re coming. We will take the materials to our warehouse, remove the batteries and send the pieces off to the right place. It just makes sense.

Thanks to everyone that has enjoyed our latest Newsletter discount for Veterans Day tomorrow. We’re working hard to get all devices shipped out today and stay ahead of the curve! Have a great day.