Exploding batteries in MacBook Air.

Yes, the title is a little scary-

But we’ve seen it too many times. The MacBook Air is a THIN computer, I use one at home and I have to be careful handling it…it’s very fragile and lightweight (don’t ever pick it up by the screen!). There’s something going on with this customer unit though, as many end users over the years have sent in units like this. Take a look, and peek at these pictures closely:



You’ll notice the keyboard is bending “outward”; that’s because the battery inside of the unit has expanded and is putting pressure on the keyboard causing exterior damage! Yikes!

In this particular case, once we replaced the battery, not only did the computer start working again, but it also fell back into shape. This was a lucky turn of events for this customer because sometimes the “bulging” failing battery physically damages the logic board inside the unit which is NEVER good for the unit or the customer; and is costly.

If you find yourself with a bulging keyboard (this is a good sign that your battery has failed) or if your battery is no longer charging or showing up as being “installed” when it actually is there…give us a call at 866-638-8402. We will take care of you fast.

Best, Ryan

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