Mutiple Locations to serve KC!

Good Morning everyone!

Over the past few years, Mission Repair has opened a few new retail locations. Unfortunately, our first effort in Lenexa had some major water issues so we were forced to move. We found our new home and have completed our remodeling and settled in. In an effort to better serve the KC metro area. We found a new location here in Lenexa and I wanted to make sure those of you that have not been by our store get a chance to see it.

We have two locations in the KC metro area, and with customers coming from all over the area, we appreciate the loyalty and want to be sure you are aware of our newest location.

Mission Repair retail stores are located at:

Mission Repair – 14343 W 100th St. Lenexa, KS 66215

Mission Repair – 5604 Johnson Drive  Mission, KS 66202

We also still offer our mail-in service at our 14343 W 100th St location with plenty of space to handle a single device or hundreds. We work with schools, insurance companies, and various business to support their repair and refurbishment needs.

Thank you again for your business and continued support for Mission Repair!

Have a great day!

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