Device broken again? We repair it for less the second time.


We at Mission Repair know first hand that mistakes can happen more than once. This is the very reason, we created “Got Repair”! Many of our customers would leave happy, just to come back a year later to pay full price for the exact same repair service! This problem didn’t sit well with us. So in true Mission Repair fashion, we did what we do best, fixed it!

This is how it works:

1. If you come in for an iPhone 5C Front Glass repair (original price $109) we will perform our award winning repair service on your device and get the unit back in your hands.

2. Then, at ANYTIME in the future you need to come back in for the same repair, we will repair it again for less! In this case, we would repair the iPhone 5C Front glass again for only $55.

Note: This example is for the iPhone 5C Front Glass Repair. Different “Got Repair” prices apply to different repairs.

This is a simple reminder to all Mission Repair customers to make sure you check your “Got Repair” warranty before having your device repaired AGAIN by calling us at 1-866-638-8402! You will more than likely qualify for a HIGHLY discounted repair price, just for being a part of the Mission Repair family! Click here for more details:

Next-Day 4th Gen iPod Touch Screen Repairs for $49!

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One of the most popular repairs we see come in for repair is the 4th Gen iPod Touch. Customers continue to choose to repair their cracked glass on this unit instead of replace and that is because it is a great iPod! Accidents happen, and if you crack the glass on your iPod touch it does not make the device useless. In fact, at Mission Repair we can get your iPod Touch back to you good as new in 24 hours and for only $49. If you ask me, this is a bargain!

Once we receive your device we pre-test it and note all the damage. Next, it is sent to one of our certified technicians where they replace the cracked glass with a brand new screen. From there, it is post tested and then you are notified that your device is ready for pick up or has been shipped back to you. – ALL IN 24 HOURS!

– 4th Gen iPod Touch Front Glass Repair (Black)

– 4th Gen iPod Touch Front Glass Repair (White)

Need the glass repaired on your 4th Gen iPod Touch? Click one of the links above or give us a call at 1-866-638-8402 to get started.

Microsoft Surface 2 Screen Repairs – did you know we will pick up anywhere in the USA?!

Happy Friday!  We have been busy adding a bunch of new repairs as well as dropping prices on repairs we have been offering for quite some time. Yes, this includes iPods, iPads, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices so if you need a repair – now is the time!

What is a digitizer?One of the new repairs we are offering is the Glass and LCD repair service for the Microsoft Surface 2. This is a popular android tablet because it is thin, light, has a 10 hour battery life, USB port and more. However, because it is sleek, thin and light, it is also really easy to drop, resulting in a cracked screen.

Have no fear, Mission Repair is here to help with our Microsoft Surface 2 Glass and LCD Repair and we service every address in the USA!

This is how it works:

  1. Once your order is placed at either of our walk-in locations or on our website, we will pre-test your device and note our findings. (If your device requires additional repairs we will contact you for approval before continuing).
  2. Next, it will be placed on the technician line for repair (Next-Day turnaround time).
  3. When one of our certified technicians receive your device, they will remove the defective part or cracked glass and replace it with a brand new one.
  4. After being repaired, your device then goes to the QA (Quality Assurance) department. There, it is post-tested to make sure everything is working correctly. (In the event that the device fails QA, it will go back to a technician and repeat steps 3 and 4).
  5. Lastly, once your unit goes through our final testing process we notify you in one of two ways:
    1. Walk-In customers are contacted by phone or email to let them know their device is ready for pick up.
    2. Nationwide Mail-In customers’ devices are shipped and a confirmation email and FedEx tracking information is sent.
  6. You receive your device good as new!

We understand mailing in your device or dropping it off at one of our locations for repair may be a little nerve-wracking. At Mission Repair we make sure to not only take care of your device while it is at our facility, but get it back to you good as new. Any questions about our services? Give us a call at 1-866-638-8402, live chat us on our website or email!

Have a great weekend,

September Is Here And So Is A New Deal Of The Month!

This month we decided to go ahead and extend our Labor Day Sale on iPhone 5S Screen Repairs through the entire month of September. I asked Ryan what he wanted the new price to be and he surprised me by saying $109! I had to double check with him a few times to make sure he was sure. That’s right, during September we have marked iPhone 5S Front Glass Repairs down to just $109 (regular price: $149).


So be sure to tell all of your friends with cracked screens that NOW is the time to call Mission Repair! We’ll repair your iPhone 5S cracked glass in 24 hours (or sooner with our same day service options) and have your device back to you, good as new, in no time. See a better price on this service? Let us know about it!

Have a great day,

New 7.0″ Galaxy Tab 2 LCD Repair Announced… And Meet Melanie!

I’m not sure how to begin this since it is my first Mission:Repair blog post and with 17,000 subscribers – I’m a little intimidated! Well, my name is Melanie, I am the Graphic Designer/Webmaster here at Mission:Repair and I also run most of the Social Media accounts. Ryan is keeping me busy with a lot of new repairs that have been added to the website. One of which is the 7″ Galaxy Tab 2 LCD Repair! This is for the 2nd generation Galaxy Tab with a 7″ display. We have been offering the front glass repair for this device for a while but NOW we have added the LCD Screen Repair.

What’s the difference? I used to think when your ‘screen’ was broken, it needed to be repaired. Simple, right? It wasn’t until I worked here (and asked our technicians A LOT of questions) that I learned that there could be different solutions to a ‘broken screen’ and that your device has a couple different ‘screens’. Without getting technical (I’ll leave that to Ryan), here is how you can tell which kind of screen repair you need.

You may need an LCD Screen Repair if…

  • Device screen is completely black (the device is on but there is no image displaying on the screen)
  • Display on the device is discolored
  • Display on the device has lines through the image

You may need a Front Glass (Digitizer) Repair if…

  • Glass is cracked and display is still correctly visible
  • Display looks great but device isn’t responding to touch

While these repairs are separate for the Galaxy Tab 2 7″, some of our ‘Front Glass Repairs’ replace both the LCD and Digitizer (parts are sealed together).

If you’re still not sure what is wrong with your Galaxy Tab 2 7″, or any device for that matter.. Simply set up a Free Diagnosis! Our expert Certified Technicians will diagnose your unit in 24 hours and give you an accurate quote on the cost to repair it. At that point you can choose if you would like to proceed with the repair. *Note: we won’t perform any repairs until we get your approval.

Questions about a repair you are needing? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-638-8402, email us at, Facebook us, Tweet us or Live Chat a representative on our website.

Have a great day!