Where Are We?

Hey M:R Nation –

I just used a word in my last post that I want to explain. The word was “Walk-In“. While most of our readers and customers are spread across the world, we have a very large customer base here locally and we love when they come to us! We are located in the Kansas City Metro area which is a combination of two states (Kansas and Missouri) that  2,035,334 people call home. While we are pretty far South in the metro, people flock to us. We actually have many people that will place an order online at Missionrepair.com and once they obtain the address to ship it, they find out where we are and just drive it over!

If you see the billboard, you are very close!

Customers physically walking into our building has never been limited to KC metro residents. We have had countless customers on vacation, business trips and on holiday visits stop by our repair center and and have their iPhone, iPad, iPod, Computer, Smartphone or Tablet  repaired while they wait in our lovely lobby.

So if you don’t live close to our physical location and can jump in your car,on a plane or maybe even a helicopter, we will give you the royal treatment for being such the world traveler 🙂 But please, before you consider traveling thousands of miles to get to us, consider our mail-in service. With the price of gas these days, you should let Fedex do the leg work!
Cheers, Troy


Good Morning M:R Nation,

I walked into the office this morning and noticed a slightly slower than normal pace with our customer service team (Luckily before we were open) and I found the same pace in the back with our Tech departments. It seemed like our shipping department was the only department awake:) Don’t worry, we came up with a great solution and before the doors opened and the phones kicked on we were rockin it out!

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Cheers, Troy

Mission Repair is taking walk-in customers…no appointment necessary!

Hey all, yup, we love walk-in customers.  Our facility here in Olathe is equipped to handle walk-in business and our techs a “keyed in” to make walk-in business a priority!  We know that gas prices are high and we don’t want you to make multiple trips out to our shop if we can help it.  That’s why we’re performing many repairs while you wait (or while you go out and get a bite to eat).  There are times that it may take 24 hours to get to a unit (as we offer service on a first come first serviced basis) but we’ll be up front with you and give you a realistic time frame when we see you.

Stop on by and say "HI"!

Stop on by and say "HI"!

If you’d like to call in and set a time to meet, that’s no problem.  If you need us after hours, just call in and we’ll make sure that we’re here for you!  Thanks to all of our current customers and we’re looking forward to working with all of our potential customers in the future.  Please let us know how we’re doing!

As always, we are currently taking repairs in from all over the country.  If you’re not local to Kansas City, that’s no problem, we still give our “mail-in” customers the same attention as our walk-in customers!

Best, Ryan