Girl Scout Cookies!

Good Morning M:R Nation –

This morning after I finished voting, I came into the office, took my seat and I suddenly heard some rustling in one office over. This office happens to be the office of Ryan Arter, the President and Owner of Mission:Repair. After listening for a few more moments, it clicked in my head what is was…FOOD WRAPPER! Yes, just like the scene in Heavy Weights (1995) I heard it and he was caught red handed.

Of course, we are not in weight loss camp and I can’t really catch the President of the company red handed in anything. So I did what any self respecting man would do, I begged to partake in the events unfolding before my eyes! What was that event you ask? Nothing other than Girl Scout Cookies!

He was happy to share after I uttered these 6 simple words. “Ryan is the greatest boss ever”

He eventually caved and here I am now, delighting in Samoas – Carmel deLites! Of course, this is not my favorite Girl Scout Cookie. What is my favorite cookie you ask? Well, I’ll let you take a guess and to make it more interesting, if you guess correctly, I will respond with a special citrusy 20% off coupon code. Yes, thats how seriously I take my cookies.

So go ahead and email me at before you order that iPad 2 repair or iPhone 4S repair, you just might be able to save 20%!

Cheers, Troy