Mission Repair supporting our troops!

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend – mine was interesting for sure with a lot of family and activities. There was a great UFC fight on Saturday night on FOX (which was super cool!) and of course some amazing football yesterday to really round out the TV watching weekend 😉

Friday of course was Veteran’s Day, and Mission Repair was invited to present our Military Vehicle at Clear Creek Elementary School in Shawnee, Kansas. I arrived early Friday morning and got her set up:

Then as students and teachers arrived (that’s my Librarian on the left!) they lined up for pictures and a “tour” of the Deuce and a Half on the way into their first ever Veteran’s Day assembly.

The school put on an honorary display of thanks and remembrance for many local veterans (active and not) for the entire school. It was very cool. Unfortunately, my father was too sick to attend, but was honored as well to the group. It was a special day and I was even able to deliver a brand new American Flag to my father later that day. I know he appreciated it.

Unfortunately, there’s only one day a year that’s labeled “Veteran’s Day” but every day (and every chance that I get) I want to thank all of our veterans for their service.

Have a great Monday! Ryan

Let’s honor all who served. . .

Hello everyone, just a quick post to say that Mission Repair would like to honor all Veterans that have fought for our freedom. To all active and retired Military personnel: rest assured that there are millions of Americans thanking you for your service.

My father, Gary A. Arter, is a Vietnam Veteran and I obviously hold a special place in my heart for him. I’m making dinner for he and my mother tonight and this is a good day for us to talk to him about his experiences and time he spent in the military.

If you know a Vet, pick up the phone to say “thank you”. Or better yet, make beef stroganoff with all the trimmings. It’s works 😉

Take care, go USA!