LG Optimus 3D Glass Broken? Just call Mission Repair. We’ve got the parts in stock!

Hello folks, it’s getting extremely close to 5:00pm, which is extremely close to “quitting time” for a lot of you. . .which leads a lot of you into your Memorial Day weekend. I just want to get a quick blog out to you in case you are one of the unlucky few that have the amazing LG Optimus 3D smartphone but have had an accident and now have a cracked glass.

Mission Repair is here to help and we want you to relax. Go ahead and take that long weekend, then give us a call on Tuesday. We’ll get you setup and even have your phone picked up from you home. . .we handle everything. Why not sit back, relax, and count on your service provider of choice? That’s Mission Repair.

Remember that we added this new service today and we’re thrilled to bring you the LG Optimus 3D P920 Glass Repair. You don’t need to live with it broken any longer!

Have a great weekend, be safe, and try to relax. I know that I will!

Best, Ryan

Finally, we’ve got iPod Touch Headphone Jack Repair Capability!

Yes, you’ve read it right, we have announced a brand new flat-rate service for the original iPod Touch, 1st Generation. Customers are reporting out-of-warranty failures on their iPod Touch including loss of sound from the earphone jack, or earphone jack connectors breaking off inside the earphone jack port rendering it useless. We can solve this by installing a BRAND NEW Earphone Jack Assembly within 24 hours after receipt. The repair service is hassle-free and currently the iPod Touch Headphone Jack Repair is only $59, installed.


Click here to view our premium iPod Touch Repair – Earphone Port Repair Service.

This service is NOT use-installable. It takes specialized tools and significant soldering abilities and should be trusted to the professionals – that’s us here at Mission Repair if you didn’t already know that!

Mission Repair will replace that failing headphone jack within 1 business day and send the unit back to your location via FedEx (Ground is just $5 and Overnight is $9).

OK folks, I’m out of town Monday of next week. Going to take a little break and take a vacation day. I know that I deserve at least one every so often!

We’ll talk again, soon, Ryan

We’re back in town (and my repair blog is late!)

Hey there Mission Repair Blog Readers! Well, our trip to Table Rock lake was a huge success, and we received some much needed rest and relaxation on the lake. We had plenty to eat and a lot of laughs. Here’s a picture of Kyle wakeboarding off into the sunset – I took the pic from our pontoon boat.

Speaking of the pontoon boat, here’s a batch of us on the way to the Big Cedar Lodge for a grill out and some fishing. Yes, I’m the captain. It was a 3-hour tour.

For those of you that know me, you’ll agree that I’m kinda the guy that likes to cook. Unfortunately it ended up being a TON of work this weekend, just making breakfast. I’d scramble up 18 eggs, fry 2 pounds of bacon, and prepare a half a loaf of bread just to feed the “masses”. I kinda need a vacation from my vacation! I think that I’ll get some room service tonight when I get home 😉 Anyway, here’s a shot of our cabin, with me getting breakfast ready while my wife watches over me. Thanks for the help Laura, ha! Take a look around and you’ll find the essence of a true gamer. In our cabin, while on the lake, we have a Wii console hooked up to the TV. Yes, this is camping for ya!

I’m going to throw out a special that ends on Sunday night 6/22/08! Just use Coupon code “Wii” for $5 off of any BlackBerry Screen Repair. We have tons of screens in stock and we’re adding more Blackberry options weekly. Thanks for reading, talk to you soon! – Ryan