Cracked MacBook Screen? Whoosh, it’s just like magic!

I got a ton of feedback on my last post about the cracked iPhone 3GS. Yes, that was a true story and that phone really did arrive at the Mission Repair shop looking just like that.

But what about a laptop? What options do you have when you drop your $1500 computer on the floor and it ends up looking like this:

If this happens to you, all is not lost!

First, you feel ill. Second, you wonder if your warranty will cover it (it won’t). Third, you blame the dog. Once you recover from the initial shock, you remember that Mission Repair charges less that a hundred bucks to make this problem go away. We rescue computers and it works like magic!

These units come into our shop and within 24 hours they go back out looking like new again. Here’s the SAME COMPUTER not 30 minutes later after taking the photo above:

Whoosh! Like magic, this MacBook Unibody glass is replaced and looking brand new again. Of course we always test our computers after we repair them, and by some good luck this customer had the Mission Repair website already pulled up in their browser 😉

All of our MacBook Unibody glass repairs are the same price = $99 installed. And if you should ever break it again, you’re in good hands – because you automatically have our GOT REPAIR program benefits that kick in on any future repairs and all you need to do is call us at 866-638-8402 and you’ll never pay $99 again. Once again, “whoosh” it’s like magic.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget that we’re the best in the business.

Have a great day, Ryan

The unbreakable MacBook Unibody Glass! Only at Mission Repair.

OK, “unbreakable” may be stretching it, but take a look for yourself:

Our Unibody MacBook Glass is the highest quality available – don’t be fooled as there are many different “copycats” out there looking to get into the MacBook Unibody Glass Repair market. We got to thinking- should we show one of the weaknesses of the “other” glass that’s out there? I thought we should. Is our latest YouTube Video technically perfect? Nope. But it was fun. And we got to destroy something! Check it out and decide for yourself…and the next time you need a MacBook Unibody Glass Repair think of Mission Repair first!

I’m heading to lunch. . .see ya later. Ryan