Want to see something really scary?

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!

Did you know that today marks the beginning of our BUSY season? I mean really busy. November is going to be unbelievable and December each year is typically always off the charts. So today we’re taking some time to have some fun. I wore a “mullet” wig into work today (I have a feeling that it’ll make the blog at some point today) and the mood is light and festive at the moment around the Mission Repair tech lab.


At any of our locations today you can stop by and grab a goodie bag of treats. Not only will this freebie take care of your sweet tooth, it will also give you 10% off of your next repair with us in the future.

So have a fun and safe Halloween – and if you’re in the neighborhood stop on by and grab a treat bag at Mission Repair. Trick or treat!

Take care, Ryan