HTC Touch 2 Screen Repairs = Success!

Good afternoon blog readers. We are nearing 300,000 UNIQUE readers on the Mission Repair Blog (we’ve got an employee incentive to reach that goal by 12/31/10) and I know that a lot of you are repeat visitors, thank you very much for coming back!!

My guys just brought me a new service that I’d like to tell you about. Remember that we are in this for the long haul and we want a long term, solid, reputable business. This is why we are always expanding our service line and we’ve launched another new service today for the HTC Touch 2! It’s the HTC Touch 2 screen repair (we are also offering other HTC Touch 2 repairs as well including LCD repairs, charging ports, logic boards, etc). . .

We received a customer’s unit in for repair:

And within 24 hours of receipt, it’s shipping back to the customer looking perfect:

Yet another thing to talk about here at Mission Repair. It’s kinda fun!! I’m not yet done for the day so I’ll be back soon. The press is calling Texas, I need to do a quick interview.