NEW SERVICE: Toshiba Thrive LCD Repair Service

Good Morning Folks, we are excited to finally offer the LCD repair service for the Toshiba Thrive! We have the parts in stock now and our technicians are chomping at the bit to repair more of these sleek tablets!

We also offer the Toshiba Thrive Glass and Digitizer Repair Service right here if your LCD is fine and dandy! I have a lot more typing to get done today. I will be back shortly with another new exciting repair service!

Best, Ryan

We are now offering Toshiba Thrive Screen Repairs! Sweet.

Hello again folks – I thrive on this stuff πŸ˜‰

We have procured OEM stock of the awesome Toshiba Thrive 10.1″ tablet glass panels. Toshiba is in the Android tablet market and with its high-res 10.1” diagonal wide-view LED-backlit display, it’s well-sized for surfing the Web, playing games or reading books. Its screen is also engineered with the Adaptive Display technology, which adjusts brightness and contrast to the surrounding light conditions.

Just like most other new hand-held touch screen devices, the Toshiba Thrive has a vulnerable glass screen – it looks great – but it’s susceptible to cracks or shattering if dropped! I know that this sounds like something you “won’t do”, but we understand that accidents will happen. No one is perfect!

We’re not perfect at Mission Repair either πŸ˜‰ but this service IS perfect for anyone that needs a brand new OEM screen installed on their expensive new Thrive Tablet. After all, it is kind of useless with a cracked glass, and it’s way “less cool” when your friends ask to see your new gadget!

OK, remember Mission Repair. We are on a mission to provide the Nation with wanted and needed services with the best value.

Have a great afternoon. Ryan