PC Hard Disk Upgrades announced!

Have a Windows laptop that is running out of drive space? Need more storage? Too many pictures clogging up your memory? We have just announced a full-lineup of brand new services for your Windows CPU.

We start our upgrades at 120GB hard drives for $114…installed! And go up to 1TB drive upgrades (that’s a lot of space!) for just $229 installed! Holy cow, that seems amazing!

What about your data? Good question. The data transfer is included in these prices, so when you receive your computer back, it will boot up normally, but it will just have MORE drive space than ever before. This is the essence of an upgrade and Mission Repair is the best in the country at it! If your data is corrupted we will try to retrieve as much as we can, however we will install a fresh copy of your Windows operating system for you so you can start fresh in these cases. You’ll just need to input your activation key and like Mission Repair magic, it will be restored.

It’s another awesome set of services that our customers have been clamoring for!

Speaking of clamoring, anyone seen that new movie “The Tourist”? I know that it just released this month, and my son Casey is going to see it tonight with a group of friends. He was invited to his first boy/girl birthday party and he’s excited. I figured since he’s a teenager now, it’s OK. Don’t worry, I verified that the parents of the birthday girl will be just 2 rows back 😉 Nothing like having your parents in the same movie theater huh? Works for me!

We’re getting close to leaving for the day but I’ll be back. . .

Best, Ryan