Toshiba Thrive Replacement Glass Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

The Toshiba Thrive has been released for close to two years now and continues to be a favorite among folks. With its 10.1″ screen and full size USB and HDMI ports, whats not to love? Mission Repair is happy to be THE repair center that supports you Toshiba Thrive owners. We have supported you for years and will for years to come.

For those Toshiba Thrive owners that have yet to use our services or are in the process for looking for a repair center, take a moment and read over the bullet points below. This is why so many other Toshiba Thrive owners have chosen us to take care of their beloved tablet.

  • We are not new to this: Mission Repair has a staff that is well versed in what we do. We have a combined 75 years of experience in the electronics repair industry and experience is key in this industry!
  • We will always give you the best price: Mission Repair strives to pass along our savings to you. When we save you save! You can see this time and time again with our products. Not many of our prices will stay the same for a long period of time and the Toshiba Thrive glass replacement is no exception!
  • We will always answer you: One of our pride points is our availability. We love to plaster our phone number (866-638-8402) anywhere we can, because we want to hear from you! Your comments, question and even complaints, because your feedback is what makes us better!
  •  Got Repair Benefit: This is one of the most significant benefits that Mission Repair can offer. We know that you just bought your phone, we know that you also just paid to have it repaired with us. So why would we try to tag you again with a full priced repair if you are unfortunate enough to damage your phone again? We wouldn’t and we won’t! If you have your Toshiba Thrive repaired with Mission Repair, you will never pay full price again on any subsequent damage to that screen. Click here for details!
  • Free Shipping: Mission Repair is built of people just like yourself. We know how hard times can be and this is why we started this business in the first place, to save you cash. Repairing over replacing is always the cheapest rout. So another way we found that we could help is by offering free shipping.
toshiba thrive replacement glass

This is what a crack on a Toshiba Thrive might look like

So with that, I will leave you with a few great resources to get in contact with us here at Mission Repair. For starters, here is the direct link for the Toshiba Thrive Replacement Glass Service: Toshiba Thrive Glass and Digitizer Repair Service. Secondly, here is our phone number: 866-638-8402 if you want to talk to a real human being, this is the number for you. Lastly, our email address: We will respond to your emails in a timely manner, whether it be a comment, complaint, question or if you just want to chat :-).

Cheers, Troy