LG Thrill Screen repair announced. It’s thrilling!

Good afternoon my friends, it’s been a great day here at the Mission Repair Headquarters!

We’ve been launching new services and taking in more repairs than ever before. Every time I turn around we’re getting dangerously low on parts – which is why we now have 2 full-time employees (and even me when I need to dip in and help) running our purchasing department. We are working with FedEx to help us expedite our incoming shipments and our FedEx representatives in China are meeting with our vendors in China as we speak to help the trans-continental shipments move even faster! Thanks FedEx for your assistance. I don’t know much Chinese!

We are happy to bring you a new service today for the LG line of repairs, specifically the LG Thrill Screen Repair service. The LG Thrill is a 4G AT&T device is the latest smartphone to follow in the footsteps of the HTC EVO 3D by tossing an extra dimension into the mix. As it so happens, two rear cameras and some fancy special effects are just enough to change a person’s judgement of the device in a split-second 😉

We’re here for ya if you ever crack that screen. 3 dimensions look terrible through a cracked mess! We’ll get your unit from anywhere in the USA and replace that cracked glass within 1 business day and send it back to you overnight. It’s what we do. . .and we’re the best at it.

Take care, talk to you again soon. Best, Ryan