iPad 2 VS The New iPad(3) VS iPad With Retina Display(4)

Hello M:R Nation –

I think there might be some confusion among folks over the differences are between the different iPad models. So allow me to shed some light on some of the subtle and not so subtle differences.

Form the outside, you are not going to be able to notice much, if any differences at first glance. All 3 devices are 9.50″ x 7.31″ x 0.37″, all have a 9.7″ display and all sport a facetime and rear camera, but a great way to tell the difference between an iPad 2 and the others is the Siri function. All newer generation iOS devices have Siri.

Now to tell the difference between the The New iPad and iPad With Retina Display is very simple, just look at the bottom of the iPad. You will see  The New iPad  has the old 30 pin connector and the iPad With Retina Display sports the great new “Lightning” connector which looks like this:


iPad with Retina Display

Those are just some industry tips that we use here daily to identify what you are sending to us. While most folks get it right, we do have the occasional customer that orders the wrong service. Hopefully this can serve as a guide for those of you that are not quite sure. Moving forward, lets talk about the inside of these great devices.

This is where it can get complicated, so I won’t go too in depth. The iPad 2 had a lot less in common with it’s two successors when it comes to the internals. Take the glass/digitizer for an example. The iPad 2 has a completely different connector than the The New iPad and the iPad With Retina Display which share the same cable (Shown in the picture below).

In fact, the LCD is the same on the two successors as well. Now, we don’t usually disclose this type of information, but I want to make one thing clear, The New iPad and the iPad with Retina display use the SAME screen. So PLEASE, don’t fall for the marketing tricks of other companies and pay more for the iPad with Retina display, It is exactly the same and it should cost the same as The New iPad repair!

iPad Glass/Digitizer Cables

iPad Glass/Digitizer Cables

For further internal information, check out this comparison chart. It really shows some key differences and similarities between the 3 models.

iPad Comparison

iPad Comparison

As you can see, looks can be deceiving. While these 3 models look identical, they are for the most part different and different for the better. This is what Apple is known for. Taking something great and slightly improving it for the better.

Lastly, I want to shed some light on the biggest thing these 3 iPads have fiercely in common. Mission:Repair services all of them! We do the leg work on finding the differences and sourcing those different parts so you don’t have to deal with it:-)!

From screens to headphone jacks and everything in between, we are you one stop shop for iPad repair. I hope this post has helped you to identify what iPad you own. Even if it is not broken, it’s still good to just know. If it is broken, I hope find some of the links below helpful. Just click and enjoy!

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iPad with Retina Display Repair Services!

Useless? Maybe. Cool? YES!

Hello M:R Nation –

A nice surprise arrived at the Mission Repair door step yesterday! Its called the Useless Box. This little thing is the coolest contraption I have seen in quite some time. I had to brush up on my soldering skills when putting this together but the assembly went off without a hitch. I could sit here and type about how cool it is, but let me just show you.

Sitting on my desk, useless as ever.

While I could go on for hours about this gadget, I need to be productive and talk about something that is just as cool and 1000 times more useful…The New iPad!  Obviously, this is not the newest iPad that has been released, but this is what Apple,Inc named it and there is nothing we can do about it :-).

While the iPad 2, The New iPad and (the newest) iPad with Retina display look identical on the outside, they are very different on the inside. The New iPad just happens to be the one I own (the one my son thinks he owns)  so I wanted to plug the repair here on the world famous Mission:Repair blog.

The New iPad Glass Repair Service – Black and The New iPad Glass Repair Service – White repairs are available all day long here at M:R, just ask one of our wonderful iPad technicians, Patricia. The only times her hands are not touching an iPad is when she is leaving the building. She is a perfectionist and you can breathe easy when your iPad is in her hands!

Stop cutting your fingers on those broken iPad screens and give us a call today! Now back to the Useless Box!

Cheers, Troy

The New iPad. What will it be called when a “newer” iPad is released?

Sometimes I wonder about these things, and Apple has confused me with their naming scheme recently. Now I’m a pretty simple guy and I feel like I probably represent the “common thinker” but I do work with this stuff every day and this issue has me thinking.

Hmm, the newer new iPad sounds like what I want.

So let’s talk about the iPad. First, we got the iPad, also known now as the “Original iPad”. I use one of these at home and I love it – I use it every day! Calling it the “iPad” is perfect!

Then Apple announced the “iPad 2“. Yes! The next in line of iPads, the iPad 2 implies something new, a better revision and more features.

Well now I believe we have an issue on our hands with the latest release of “the new iPad“. Or is it just “iPad” again? It’s certainly not “iPad 3”. For now, calling it “the new iPad” works perfectly, but it might not for long! Let’s discuss – stick with me here.

If it’s “the new iPad” then what is the next revision of the iPad going to be called? “The Newer iPad?” – “iPad 4?” – “Newer than the last iPad?” – “iPad Classic?” I am curious to see how this pans out. While I’m sure Apple already has it worked out (maybe the new iPad will be the LAST iPad ever made?) or possibly the name of the iPad will go away altogether to something else?

At this point I think it’s all speculation and maybe a topic that’s not even worth talking about, but I was thinking about it. And now you are too 😉 Sorry.

Have a great day, Ryan

New iPad Glass Repairs, just $210 installed!

Hello folks, we’re at it again. We’ve been taking orders and blowing away the market with our astounding New iPad Glass Repair Service that is just $210 installed. We’ve also got the best shipping rates and amazing packaging so you can rest assured that the trip to and from your location won’t cause additional damage.

Are you local to us? Just stop on by! We will get your New iPad back in shape, fast. Why is that important? It’s what our customers expect and it’s what we deliver. Amazing price, spectacular service, highest quality parts, and the best warranties. With walk-in service and no appointment necessary thats even available on the weekend you’d have to truly ask why you’d go anywhere else.

Need more convincing? (I didn’t think so), but you can ALWAYS call into one of our helpful customer service representatives for assistance at 866-638-8402. There is a team standing by for you!

Best, Ryan

The New iPad is here!

The new iPad is here, and when I mean “here” I mean right here in my office! 😉

Here it is directly out of it’s box and ready for some websurfing! Immediately I could tell that it was a little “thicker” than the iPad 2, and it feels a little heavier. . .

Here it is booting up, I can tell the this new screen is much clearer and cleaner and it’s not even done booting! I’m excited about the screen!

Finally after the initial setup and configuration, the The iPad is online, and it’s reporting 4G speeds!

We’ll be back with a test to see how fast it really stacks up to an iPad 2, but for now this new device looks amazing. OK, now back to work, enough play time.

We’ve had customers asking whether or not we’ll be working on the New iPad. . .and I’m happy to tell you that we’ve got our new pages up and rolling and we’ll be offering a full line of New iPad Repair Services very soon!

Stay tuned and take care, Ryan