Text us, we’re all about communication!

Hello everyone, this is another Mission Repair first- we’ve launched a text campaign for those of you that have a text enabled mobile phone. (Yeah, that’s our demographic!) Simply text “repair” to 72727. Go ahead, do it now, I’ll wait. . . . . . . . . .

OK- now that you’re signed up, you’ll find an immediate coupon code within a text sent to your cell phone. You can use this coupon when you checkout online or when you call in to our customer service center. Additionally, we’ll follow up with a monthly giveaway, even a brand new iPod Touch! Only those that are part of our text messaging campaign will be eligible to win these exclusive prizes from Mission Repair. Remember, you can opt out at ANY TIME by simply replying “STOP” and you’ll never receive a text from us again. But heck, we promise to keep them short and simple and to not bother you more that twice a month. We get it.

OK, there it is, another easy way to stay in touch with Mission Repair and another way to save some bucks when you shop our services.

Thanks, it’s been an unbelievably busy Monday here – it feels great to feel so wanted!

Best, Ryan