Interesting blog development. Author, Ryan Arter

Hello everyone,

I’m excited today as I’m doing a little preemptive book promotion. Let me explain:

I’ve been writing my blog for a little over 4 years and we’ve garnered over 500,000 unique readers in that time. The blog is a lot about my business Mission Repair, but it also gives the readers a little bit of insight about me, my family and other personal topics from time-to-time.

Of course, whenever I get any negative feedback on my blog I take it personally. I mean, I know that I’m not always right and that not everyone may not agree with me and that’s cool, I get it. But there are also times that the blog rewards me with a small tidbit.

In fact, the blog landed interest by the Globe Pequot Press (A division of Morris Book Publishing, LLC) recently and today I just signed an agreement to publish my first book with them!

I need to shake this writers block – right now!

That’s right, authoring a book. It’s kind of exciting. We’ve gotten through the paperwork and we are off and running. I have several deadlines over the next couple of months, but I’m committed and I have a good game plan in place. It’s a different feeling having this pressure on me at this point but I think it’ll prove to be worth the effort.

The title of the book is set: How to Start a Home-based Computer Repair Business. It’s part of their entire “How to Start” series and I have already been invited to provide the follow up and further titles.

I’ll be talking about my experiences in this matter and delving into tablet and cell phone repair; what it takes to cut the mustard and how to make the most of your time. So be on the lookout – and expect a few more blogs talking about this – as the book will be on the shelves and available on Amazon just after the first of the year.

Wish me luck.

Does anyone else have any experience as a published author? I’d love to hear from you. I need advice.

Best, Ryan