Mission Repair – expanding services to repair submarines!

Hello all- did you see one of the iPod-related headlines from this weekend? It read:

“It will cost taxpayers $87 million dollars to repair the damage done to a submarine that collided with another ship. According the report just issued by the Navy, the navigator was too busy listening to his iPod to notice the sub was headed for a collision. Shoes were kicked off, speakers had been wired up so the sailors could enjoy music, and “watchstanders” were busy catching some winks.”*

So it got me to thinking. Mission Repair repairs thousands of iPods, why not open up our line to help out the Navy? I wouldn’t mind a government contract 😉 Just check back soon to see our full line up of submarine repairs! We will have flat-rate Echo Sounder repair, Bow Plane alignment, Rudder service and in our blast shelter we will be offering complete Nuclear Reactor refurbishment. Flat-rates and shipping anywhere in the USA!

OK, OK, enough sarcasm for one blog. I guess I’m feeling a little punchy today- even though submarine repair will NOT be a reality here at Mission Repair, we will still continue to offer the absolute best iPod Repair services in the country. I mean, why mess with a good thing? We’ve got the process, manpower, pricing and customer service that the competitors can’t match. Give us a call to find out more. 1-866-638-8402.

Thanks everyone, happy Monday let’s get the week started!

*Courtesy of the “Crosstalk Blog