Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair

Hello M:R Nation –

Its been quite the day here at M:R and I wanted to drop a quick line before we head off to our annual Christmas party. We have been on back order for a few weeks on the Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen. Well, this is no longer the case! We are now funny stocked and ready to take your orders!

 Click the following link to get that Samsung Stratosphere looking new again: Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair!

Cheers, Troy

Update: Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair!

Good Morning M:R Nations –

I am fresh off a trip to the dentist yesterday and I am no longer in an altered state of mind, so I’m allowing myself to start posting again. I wanted to talk a little about the success of our Samsung Stratosphere service if you don’t mind.

I have had legions of folks respond to my latest post on the Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair and those responses have been followed up with orders for this service! Does this mean that we are sold out? Oh no, we are still working with our vendors and receiving steady shipments of these screens in on a weekly basis.

This looks broken!

Our technicians are particularly fond of repairing this phone, so the more I can get to them, the better their work day will be :-). Well…I don’t know if that statement is true, but every time I ask David ( if he likes doing a particular repair, he just smiles and nods. I take that as a “heck yes”!

So please, help David out and make his day GREAT by sending him thousands more of the Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair service. He will call and thank each one of you on his free time.

Cheers, Troy


Back In Stock: Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

No, your eyes don’t decive you. We are now fully stocked on samsung stratosphere front glass and LCD screens! We have worked very hard to get to this point and have bought up all the stock that we could get our hands on. No one has these screens and I can say that with certainty! I have taken the product out of back order status and you can start ordering with confidence today!

Repair This Now!

As you can tell with all of my exclamation points, I am super excited about this. I am going back to work to secure more stock right after I get done writing this because I feel that the demand for this repair will be much higher due to the industry shortage of this part as of late. While we do have plenty of stock, you can never be too sure, so don’t hesitate! Get that order in RIGHT NOW by clicking the following link :Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair

Please note: Due to our high end user customer demand, we will not be reselling these in the wholesale market.

Cheers, Troy



Deal Of The Week: Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair

Hello M:R Nation –

If you have been to the Mission:Repair  website today, you may have noticed the new Deal Of The Week we have running. It’s for the über popular Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair service! We have been very surprised by how many people have needed this service over the last year. We are thrilled that we can provide this service and will slip in a deal like this whenever we can!


If you’re planning on taking advantage of this awesome savings, click the picture above and get started right now! You can also call 866-638-8402 to speak with our team and get your order started!

Cheers, Troy



Samsung Stratosphere glass screen repairs announced!

Hello all, we’re back at it with a whole new business “feeling” surrounding us – our Superbowl ads really made a difference!

Today we’re happy to get back to some of the basics, which is adding new services to our lineup of amazing repairs. We’re here to bring you all of what we have to offer, and today we’re thrilled to announce our Samsung Stratosphere Glass Repair!

This service will fix your cracked glass, damaged LCD, or failing digitizer (this is the part that senses the touch of your finger) and we’ll have it repaired within 24 hours after we get it into our technicians hands. We want to get your device back to you and in operation as soon as possible. . .

So stop on by our location or order the Samsung Stratosphere Screen Repair online (we will even pick it up from you if you’d like!)

We’re adding several new services today so stay tuned to the best blog on on Internet – the Mission Repair Blog 😉

Take care, Ryan