A tidbit from the Rocky Mountains via Kansas City.

Hello there- this is a quick blog that has nothing to do with Mission Repair, iPod screen repairs or MacBooks. Every once in a while I like to bring up a personal “favorite” and last night when I opened my last can of “Stokes Green Chile” I snapped this pic and just had to give these guys some props!


When I lived in Loveland, Colorado I got hooked on this stuff – it’s sold in grocery stores in the region. When I say “hooked”, I wasn’t really dependent on it per se!! But I always had a can or two in my pantry to spread over burritos, quesadillas and nachos. My son Casey was about a year old a that point and I almost put it in his baby bottle instead of formula- it’s that good! Ok, I was a single dad, but I never really went that far. He got his formula 😉

In recent years Stokes has made their sauces available online! After I moved to Kansas I went for about 5 years until I made this discovery and my life has been whole ever since!

If you’re inclined, give it a try. It’s a flavor booster that is undeniable, and tell them that Ryan sent ya!

OK, all this talk about food is making me hungry, I’m heading out to lunch.

Take care, Ryan