Sale: iPhone 4 Glass Repair at lowest price!

Hello all, happy Friday! I don’t know about your area, but it’s going to be 89 degrees out here in Kansas City and we’re most certainly finally through winter. Thanks goodness! The trees are blooming and the landscaping is starting to green up – it’s a great time of year!

It’s so great that I want to let you know that we just received another price decrease from our vendors. The fact is that we are buying in such large bulk quantities that we can command price decreases that we pass on to you, our customers. Are you looking for a Mission Repair coupon code? Guess what, no coupon code is necessary for this amazing price!

This type of repair is our specialty!

Let’s jump right in, there’s nothing to gain in wasting time:

iPhone 4 Glass Repair NOW ONLY $119 with no coupon necessary! This is the full service repair that includes parts and labor.


Buy the part yourself, and do the repair yourself. We’re selling iPhone 4 screen part assemblies for only $89 outright! Yes, these include a warranty and same-day shipping.

The coolest part about it? If you opt for the $119 full-installation we’ll perform the repair within 24 hours and also include our Got Repair benefits. This means that after we do the repair, if you EVER break or crack the glass again, we’ll repair it again. . .forever.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me, I hope you get some time to relax.

Take care, Ryan

Yikes, this is what a cracked iPad 2 looks like.

Good morning everyone and happy Spring! Did you know that Spring officially started yesterday which means that there is a 100% guarantee that we will not any have more snow this year 😉 well at least until winter comes but we’ve got some time!

So we’re receiving iPad 2’s in daily now for repair – we’ve seen cracked screens, broken cables and damaged back cases, but when we opened this unit up in receiving the iPad 2 screen was just demolished:

Here’s the point – these new iPads have THINNER glass. Mission Repair is in the business of repairing cracked glass and we’ve been doing so for years on iPods, iPhones and most new touchscreen smartphones.

This new iPad glass is very fragile and sensitive to drops, more than ever before. Take care of that new gadget or call us at Mission Repair where we’re thrilled to help. We’ll get your new favorite electronics back to new and get you back to happiness. Then if you ever break your glass again we’ll repair it again under our “Got Repair” program. It’s the Intelligent Choice.

Moving along, have a great Monday!