Sony Vaio 14.1″ EA Screen Repair = Success!

So did you hear about that devastating earthquake in Japan? I feel terrible for those people caught up in it. My heart goes out to them as they try to sift through the mess and chaos that this earthquake caused (especially an 8.9, yikes).

This lead to tsunami warnings and preparations in Hawaii and the Pacific Coast among other places.

In fact, I lived on Maui back in the early 90’s and was in a Tsunami warning when my daughter was only 2 months old. I was managing a hotel, and I needed to evacuate all of the guests and get them to high ground. The West Maui airport was that place and I packed up my Jeep with baby supplies to take refuge. Luckily it turned out to be a small swell, and we escaped unharmed. My daughter has no recollection of the incident 😉

Moving onto business, we’re once again expanding our line of Windows based PC repairs in the Sony realm and today we are happy to announce the Sony Vaio 14.1″ Screen Repair, it’s time! You can now order this on our website. We’ll take your broken or failing Sony laptop and make it look new again within 24 hours. Oh yeah, if you ever break or crack that screen again we’ll repair it again under our “Got Repair ” program. Who else does that?

Mission Repair, The Intelligent Choice.

Have a great weekend, Ryan