OK, so it snowed again yesterday and Tayler got stuck!

Hey there folks! Yeah, it was snowy and cold yesterday morning and my daughter was heading to school. . .then I got the call. If you live in a “snow state” you know what “the call” is. She was upset and shaken up, but nevertheless totally safe and unharmed. She said she was going 14 MPH- I think she was probably double that speed 😉

She ended up sliding off the road and into a pile of snow. I arrived with my regular emergency kit which consists of a tow rope, snow shovel, gloves and boots.

My daughter stuck in the snow!

By the time I got to her she was calm – I mean firstly she was going to miss school so that’s always a “treat”. Next she had a chance to relax and calm down. Third, I volunteered to come get her so she didn’t have to face a tow truck driver on her own, which was my first answer for her when she called!

Of course being a good dad and not wanting my 16 year old to handle a tow service on her own, I needed to sacrifice my warm office for the cold Kansas climate. I think that I did the right thing 😉

Take a look at this picture – it’s a bleak blah looking landscape- but by Sunday it should all be melted away and 50 degree temperatures are in the forecast. Finally, a weekend to look forward to!!

OK, back to work (I’m talking to myself) and I’ll be back with more Mission Repair information soon.

Thanks, Ryan