The secret life of Walter Mitty at Ryan’s house.

Good morning!

So I was a little under the weather last night and decided to stay home and curl up with a movie on my Apple TV…sometimes it’s good to just unwind and sit still for a while. For me, that seems to be a challenge!


I was scrolling through the potential movies and landed on “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and rented it. The reviews were not that great from what I saw, but the trailer had me interested.

As the movie started and progressed it was an interesting style…but in the end I really enjoyed it. I’m not one that goes out to the movies much; so it didn’t surprise me that I hadn’t seen this in the theaters. However I am surprised that I hadn’t heard more about it. The story was interesting, the music in the movie was spot on and independent, and I even thought that Ben “White Goodman” Stiller did a great job.

The movie spoke to me and I guess that’s what left the best impression on me.

Did you ask for my opinion on this? No, but I thought I’d share anyway 😉

Two thumbs up from the Arter house and if you’re looking for an interesting movie, give this one a shot sometime! Have a good afternoon.