Notice: the notable Note 2 is noteworthy too.

Hello folks,

Whew. It too me a minute to come up with that title. Did it get your attention? 🙂

We are excited to bring you a full line of Samsung Galaxy Note II services and repairs. We have the parts in stock to get you back in business fast!! I have to admit, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is an amazing device. I’m really impressed by it! I have a buddy that works at Samsung and I was able to get a sneak peak at this device before it released, I think it’s here to stay!

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.34.23 AM

We have the glass and digitizers (and other parts) for the Sprint and AT&T models, white and grey versions. Why live with a cracked screen when Mission Repair is using OEM parts that we buy with a 1 year warranty? Watch out for other repair centers that tout “New screens”. Make sure you’re getting a factory, OEM screen and not a “copy” – some repair centers are not providing you with a factory repair!

Mission Repair is proud to offer new OEM parts. It’s part of process here at Mission Repair and it’s what our customers deserve.

Take care, and let us know if we can help you out. Call 866-638-8402 for service assistance!

Best, Ryan

Deal Of the Week!

Hello M:R Nation –

I have been MIA over the last few days working on some rather large projects, so I apologize for my absence . It has also been a rather crazy Monday, but I wanted to put up a quick post before the end of the day to point your attention to this weeks “Deal Of The Week”.

The mighty Samsung Tab 7″ is a favorite among our technicians for its forgiving nature when it comes to repairing it. It is always willing to release it’s death grip on screws and glass with a little coaxing and that is all a technician could ask for.


So with that in mind, this makes the perfect Deal Of The Week! They deserve a little break from the more difficult iPad and Kindle Fire repairs (There is no stopping those other repairs, but lets keep that between us ;-))

This deal is good from now until January 28th, so act fast and click the following link: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Glass Repair Service! Am I the only one that can’t believe it’s almost the end of January?

Cheers, Troy

“Samsung Repair”? Yeah We Do That!

Good Afternoon M:R Nation –

Mission:Repair has always been known for its Apple repair capabilities and we love that. Apple device repair has always been our strong point and we are very good at it, over the last couple of years, we’ve decided to divert some of our attention to other makes of Smartphone and Tablets, which has proved to be a great decision. It took awhile to get past our Apple fanboy mentality, but with so many HTC, LG, Huawei, Motorola and Samsung devices coming through our doors, we have fallen as in love with all of these companies as we already are with Apple.


If you made me pick my favorite (besides Apple of course) it would hands down be Samsung. The products they are creating are amazing. If you ever get a change to see a Super AMOLED screen outside of a Samsung device, you will have a hard time closing your mouth. It is that awe inspiring. So to celebrate my love for these awesome devices, I wanted to share a list of some of our top Samsung repairs.


#1 Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T)

#2 Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

#3 Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

#4 Samsung Infuse 4G

#5 Samsung Stratosphere


This is just a small portion of the Samsung smartphones that we have the ability to repair for you. For a full list click here: Samsung Smartphone Repair and for all other smartphone services, click here: Full service Smartphone Repairs.


Until tomorrow, Troy!


Samsung Galaxy SIII Screen Repairs = Success!

Hello there Friday afternoon blog readers, are you getting ready for the weekend yet? I am! The Kansas City weather forecast is looking beautiful and it appears that we’re getting a break from the intense heat. It’s a wonderful thing!

This morning I checked in with my Technician Supervisor Jake Bayes on the progress of our Samsung Galaxy SIII Screen Repairs. He just smiled and gave me a sly wink. This is his way of telling me that once again he’s the best technician on the planet 😉

I snagged the unit that he was working on and snapped this quick pic. Clearly, you can see the repaired phone. It does look amazing and is working perfectly. This unit arrived today and will be delivered back to our customer today. AMAZING. But let’s talk about the “pieces” next to the phone;

1. The cracked glass was removed in a pretty large piece. It’s clearly cracked and the prep work to remove this panel is extensive, however it’s a typical piece of glass.

2. What’s not typical is the LCD. That small piece of “tin foil looking stuff” at the top of the picture is the paper-thin LCD screen! That is the component that actually displays the video under the glass and it’s an amazing piece of technology being so thin. It just shredded when we removed the glass- not to worry, all of our Samsung Galaxy SIII repairs come with a new LCD, not a problem!

So moving forward we will be lowering our prices on this repair. We understand that it’s an expensive service but this is typical when something so new needs a new screen but as demand drives down the costs, we will always pass those cost savings on to you. Stay tuned for new pricing on the Samsung Galaxy SIII Screen Repairs!

Mission Repair, The Intelligent Choice!

Have a great weekend, Ryan

JUST ANNOUNCED: Samsung Galaxy SII (T-MOBILE) Screen Repairs!

Hello again folks, we’re into the thick of our Samsung Galaxy S II Screen Repairs and we’re ready to roll out the T-MOBILE Samsung Galaxy S II screen repair and we have the parts in stock to get moving!

Need screen service on your TMOBILE Samsung Galaxy S II? Mission Repair is here to help!

This new service is of the TMOBILE version (not the AT&T version) so please keep that in mind. We also offer the AT&T version, just take a look at our website for details!

It’s a phone for speedier web browsing and your Samsung Galaxy S™ II takes full advantage of 4G speed. Couple the dual core processing power with 4G speeds and the result is jaw-dropping. Downloading movies and multitasking between apps is faster than ever! Not to worry, Mission Repair is your choice for service including damages to that frail glass screen. Glass + a drop on concrete don’t mix!

Thanks friends, I’m getting back to work on these services as there’s more to come!

Take care, Ryan