Samsung Galaxy SIII Screens in stock!

Hello folks, it’s been a while – but we have a huge inventory of Samsung Galaxy SIII Screens in stock with more units on the way tomorrow. We’ve made a huge investment in new screen assemblies – these are OEM assemblies that have been properly sealed in a clean room manufacturing process. I say “assembly” because our parts come with a new glass panel, digitizer, LCD, sub frame, bezel, home button and all the proper cabling.

There are multiple vendors selling glass panels ALONE on eBay and Amazon…and I want to warn you that these $20 parts may seem enticing but I’m here to tell you that without the proper equipment (including an autoclave that will heat, vacuum and seal the new glass panel onto the digitizer with the proper special optical adhesive) it is IMPOSSIBLE to get an OEM factory repair with these cheap, imitation $20 parts.

We can appreciate DIY technicians.  Just be sure you know what you're getting into before you buy this part from China!

We can appreciate DIY technicians. Just be sure you know what you’re getting into before you buy this part from China!

If you don’t care about what your phone looks like after it’s repaired, then maybe this is the way you prefer to “repair” your SG3. Additionally, it can take 2 hours to perform this method of a repair. Yikes. Time is money! An ugly phone or mis-repaired phone is worth even less.

However most of Mission Repair’s customers DO care about how their phone looks. And works. And lasts.

That’s why we only use OEM assemblies that have been properly sealed and assembled from the factory. We can then simply install a new assembly while you wait and ensure a high quality repair that’s performed by the professionals in the industry. Mission Repair, the Intelligent Choice.

Do you have any questions about this repair? Email me directly. I’ll be happy to answer them in the order in which received.

Hey all, we’re still in a rainy mess here at Mission Repair but I think we might be pulling out of it. April showers bring May flowers!

Take care, Ryan

Samsung Galaxy S III Repairs Made Easy!

Hello M:R Nation –

We at Mission Repair have become infatuated with the Samsung Galaxy S III. There were even talks of Ryan switching from his iPhone 5 to the GS3. I am not sure where he is in that process, but I will get you an update.

Why this infatuation you ask? Well, let me counter that question with a question of my own. Have you seen the Galaxy S III? Have you used the Galaxy S III? If you can answer yes to either or both of those questions, than you can understand the infatuation!


Mountains Of GS3 Screens!

By the mountain of broken screens in the above picture, it seems there are thousands of folks that agree with me. Yes, I understand they are broken. How could anyone want to keep a phone that breaks like that? Well, let me give you a hint…every phone in todays market can and will break like this. “The true test of a smartphones greatness is if someone is willing to repair it” – Troy Harris 2013.

What a better time to replace a phone that you don’t like, than when the screen is cracked. Of course, saving money is always a reason, but if you really hate the phone, you are going to use that as an excuse to move on. That is how I deduced my quote above. Yeah, I just quoted myself…

So in true Mission Repair fashion, we have made it easy for you to start, endure and finish the process of getting your Samsung Galaxy S III repaired. I have laid out below, all of the difference carriers and colors of the Samsung Galaxy S III that we currently service. We have 6 different options to suite your needs and are soon to be adding more.

If you find yourself having any questions, give a us a holler at 866-638-8402 or email us at

1: Samsung Galaxy S III (Blue-AT&T/T-Mobile) Glass and LCD Screen Repair

2: Samsung Galaxy S III (White-AT&T/T-Mobile) Glass and LCD Screen Repair

3: Samsung Galaxy S III (Blue-Verizon) Glass and LCD Screen Repair

4: Samsung Galaxy S III (White-Verizon) Glass and LCD Screen Repair

5: Samsung Galaxy S III (Blue-Sprint) Glass and LCD Screen Repair

6: Samsung Galaxy S III (White-Sprint) Glass and LCD Screen Repair

Cheers, Troy


2013 Is Just Around The Bend!

Hello M:R Nation –

Mission:Repair has a record setting day yesterday and our customer service team just finished icing their ears and fingers. We expect today to be just as busy and they are currently performing some stretches to loosen up for all of your calls ;-)!

With that, we are looking at the end of another year. A year full of goods and bads, firsts and lasts and beginnings and ends for all of us. This was also a year full of great new devices. From Apple to Huawei there has been no disappointment from smartphone manufacturers around the world.

Usually around this time of the year, I like to talk about ringing in the New Year and this year will be no different. However, before I start thinking about 2013, I would love to have one last hurrah in 2012. We will do this by doing what we do best, SAVING YOU CASH!

Our Last Hurrah!

Our Last Hurrah!

We have 5 more wonderful days of 2012 and there is no better time to save cash than now. Fresh off of Christmas shopping, i’m sure your wallet is a little lighter, just like mine. A less than ideal cash flow situation plus a newly opened Christmas present that just fell out of your hand and cracked is a pretty hard pill to swallow, so let us be your water 🙂 Starting today, we are having a special 5 day coupon that will save you 15% off of your purchase! When you check out, look for the this box:Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 8.39.31 AM
 In this box, just type in “NEWYEAR”, click the apply button and BOOM, there is your 15% savings. This discount applies to all of the wonderful new smartphones released this and every other year. So if you find yourself with a broken Samsung Galaxy S III screen, an iPad 2 with damaged glass or a Kindle Fire in need of some TLC, the time is now to save and get those things repaired!

Cheers, Troy

New Service Reminders!

Good Morning M:R Nation –

We have certainly been blasting you with a lot of posts lately. With that, I wanted to make 100% sure that everyone has had the chance to check out our new services over the last week or so. Its even hard for me to keep track, so check out the quotes and links that I’ve posted below.

Samsung Galaxy S III: “So go ahead and click here: Samsung Galaxy S III (blue) Glass and LCD Screen Repair or here: Samsung Galaxy S III (white) Glass and LCD Screen Repair (You know you want to:-) ) and get your order started right now!”

LG VS910 Revolution: “We are starting out with the most wanted service which is the  LG VS910 Revolution Front Glass Screen Repair

Casio G’zOne Commando: “This service is available starting today! To start your order, click this link: Casio G’zOne Commando Front Glass Screen Repair

 Motorola Xoom 2 : “So here it is, the Motorola Xoom 2 Glass Repair Service!”

Huawei U8800 Ideos X5: So starting today, we have made this service available to everyone. Click the following link to get your order started today! Huawei U8800 Ideos X5 Front Glass Screen Repair! 

WOW, there are more services than I remember, but as you can see, we announced them :-). Please note, a few of these services that we are offering were prompted by you, our readers. Here are the steps it took to make it happen.

#1 – Customer breaks their phone

#2 – Customer calls and requests the service which we do not offer

#3 – We locate the part, take care of that customer and start offering the service to everyone

Its just that easy. So if you find yourself with a broken screen on your device and you don’t see it offered on, DON’T GIVE UP ON US! Call us at 866-638-8402 and we will do everything in our power to obtain the parts needed for your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Cheers, Troy!



The buildout is on! We are expanding again.

Hello everyone, it’s time for the Mission Repair crew to get their hard hats on again.  I just signed another lease to expand again, and we’re adding another 2500 square feet to accommodate another new project.  It looks like I’ll be moving offices again as well – I know that this isn’t any big deal to you, but it’s enormous for us!


So as we get our new space ready, you might find that I’m a little less available than normal. I am trying to juggle the new space, our new employee gym that we are building (yeah that’s going to be a nice benefit!) and a new project that needs to get buttoned up. Why do you care? Well you just might hear more from my General Manager, Troy Harris here in the blog. Remember that Troy and I have been working together for many years and he’s bring some amazing new services and prices to our mix-

Did you read that we have the best price on some Samsung Repairs (like the glass on the Galaxy S3) and brand new, OEM parts in stock!! There’s a lot of talk about OEM lately and we want you to know that our Samsung parts are just that. Not copies or other 3rd party screens. This makes us feel good about the parts we are using and the value that our customers are receiving.

So if it seems that I’m a little off lately, it may just be that I’m in the back with my painting clothes on getting ready to get my hands dirty. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care, on the contrary I care about my business and my customers a great deal. I’m here and I’ll be working with Troy to keep the deals coming!!

Take care, Ryan