We Repair iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Devices, Nokia Lumias & More!

1516830_619190434801799_1622131847_nAt Mission:Repair we don’t repair just Apple iPhones. Although a ton of them come through our repair center everyday, we also repair android devices such as Samsung, HTC, Nokia and more! Whether the glass is cracked on your Samsung Galaxy S4, or if your HTC One M7 isn’t charging properly – Mission Repair can help. Our certified technicians, helpful customer service representatives and same-day services make our repair services simple and quick.

In fact, Mission Repair has one of the longest line of repairs in the industry. We are constantly looking for new devices, sourcing parts and adding services to our website each day. It’s our duty to keep the website clean and fresh and make it easy for customers to get the service they need from the repair center they trust. Mission Repair, The Intelligent Choice.

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JUST ANNOUNCED: Samsung Galaxy SII (T-MOBILE) Screen Repairs!

Hello again folks, we’re into the thick of our Samsung Galaxy S II Screen Repairs and we’re ready to roll out the T-MOBILE Samsung Galaxy S II screen repair and we have the parts in stock to get moving!

Need screen service on your TMOBILE Samsung Galaxy S II? Mission Repair is here to help!

This new service is of the TMOBILE version (not the AT&T version) so please keep that in mind. We also offer the AT&T version, just take a look at our website for details!

It’s a phone for speedier web browsing and your Samsung Galaxy S™ II takes full advantage of 4G speed. Couple the dual core processing power with 4G speeds and the result is jaw-dropping. Downloading movies and multitasking between apps is faster than ever! Not to worry, Mission Repair is your choice for service including damages to that frail glass screen. Glass + a drop on concrete don’t mix!

Thanks friends, I’m getting back to work on these services as there’s more to come!

Take care, Ryan

Samsung Galaxy Indulge Repairs announced!

Hello again everyone, I have one more cell phone to add to the list of Mission Repair capabilities. . .

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge Repairs and Parts.

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge is the first 4G LTE Android 2.2 Platform smartphone built specifically for MetroPCS. Its functional design delivers a high quality entertainment experience through superior speed and innovation. Now it’s faster than ever to access and enjoy entertainment on-the-go and stay socially connected. With state-of-the-industry 4G LTE speed, you’ll surf the web complete with flash content, plus download and stream videos.

The Achilles heel of this and many other phones is the glass screen. We’ve already started taking in repairs for this device and it’s bound to fit in to our mainstream lineup of screen repairs. While it’s an amazing piece of technology, it’s equally fragile when dropped on concrete!

Do I get tired of talking about these new phones? Not at all. I am still an iPhone fan 😉 but the market demands new phones- seemingly on a daily basis. Mission Repair is ready. Willing. And able.

I’ll talk to you again soon, thanks to all of my 400,000 readers. I respect you all.

Best, Ryan

Galaxy Tab repairs- we specialize in all of them.

Hello everyone, it’s a wonderful afternoon here at the Mission Repair base- we’re happy to let you know that we are repairing truckloads of Samsung Galaxy Tablets- OK, not truckloads, but most certainly many more that I expected to receive. Our press outlets really worked for this product line and we’re saving a ton of these devices from the landfill.

Additionally, there has been a lot of question about “which version” we repair and here’s the short answer. We repair all of them.

We’re happy to service all versions, whether it’s the Sprint, TMobile, Verizon, US Cellular or AT&T branded version, we’ve got you covered. Want to know what else is covered? If you have your Samsung Galaxy Tab Repair done by my staff at Mission Repair, and if you ever break it again anytime in the future, we’ll repair it again under our “Got Repair” program. How about them apples?

Have a great Wednesday today and St. Patty’s day tomorrow!