Brownie + Peanut Butter Cup + Cookie = The End Of My Day

Hello M:R Nation – 

We have a great people employed at Mission Repair. One person in particular goes by the name of Jackie. She is able to light up every room that she walks into. But she has a dark side. I don’t know how she discovered that my kryptonite was sweet food, but she has effectively ended my work day. This morning, she brought in a pan that consisted of my 3 favorite things. Brownies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and cookies. 


Warning: Approach With Extreme Caution!

Warning: Approach With Extreme Caution!

When I walked by this pan, I had no chance of denying myself of its goodness. It had me at hello…As you can see, this post has nothing to do with a Macbook, iPad or Samsung Galaxy S III. Its just a simple reminder to never trust your co-workers 😉

p.s. Email me at if you are interested in this recipe. I’ll try to pry it from her hands! 

Cheers, Troy

Weather Update…The Complaining Edition!

Hello M:R Nation –

If you were to look at the calendar with me, you would have to agree  that we are smack dab in the middle of spring. However, when you take a look at the below image, you are surly to think otherwise…

If you have been an audience to this blog over the last few months, you know how crazy of a weather ride Kansas City has taken and in true Kansas/Missouri fashion, its not over yet! What we hope is the last mention of snow for the next 20 years, is scheduled to arrive this afternoon and last through the night (no worries, we are still open).



From what I am hearing, we will have little to no accumulation, but this is just no comfort us (the people expecting 65 degrees and sunny). As you can see, I have chosen speak for everyone here at Mission Repair and furthermore, everyone in Kansas and Missouri to say we are over this mess!

While I am usually the voice of reason, I have shifted my tone to the voice of complaint. I know its not going to change Mother Natures course, but I sure do feel better about it now. Yes, I know I should use this blog to talk about GS3 and iPad Mini repairs, but I just had to get this one out. Thanks for hanging in there with me 😉

Cheers, Troy

How To: Tell If Your LCD Screen Is Cracked?

Hello M:R Nation  –

We have many inquiries per day on how to identify a cracked LCD screen. It might be harder than you think to identify, so let me shed some light. Now, different devices have different traits when it comes to how the screen cracks and what it looks like after said crack occurs.

Take for example the Samsung Galaxy S III. The GS3 will usually have a hairline fracture and in most cases, one crack completely wipes out the backlight and picture. The iPad Mini on the other hand will usually takes on a more classic broken LCD look with an ink blotch factor to it.

To show you some of the different traits, I have taken some quick images of some our more popular repairs with cracked LCD screens. You will very quickly be able to see the difference.

iPad Mini Repair, broken ipad mini screen

iPad Mini

Broken kindle screen, kindle repair

Amazon Kindle 3

As you see on the iPad Mini, there is more of an ink blotch effect as we discussed above. Most iPads will have this same trait when the LCD screen is broken. They will usually continue to produce the back light as well. On the Amazon Kindle 3, you will notice a very different look. This particular Kindle has an “E-Ink” screen and when it’s cracked, it will stop working all together and whatever screen you were on last before it was cracked, it will remain on until it is replaced.

Broken iPod screen, cracked ipod screen

iPod Touch 4

broken GS3, cracked Galaxy S III screen

Samsung Galaxy S III

The iPod Touch 4 (and all iPhones for that matter) will usually show a flickering bright white screen when cracked. Notice in the picture how it also shows vertical and horizontal lines? Also, in a lot of instances, the digitizer will still function even thought the LCD is broken. This doesn’t mean we can only replace the LCD however. In the case of the iPod Touch 4 and most models of the iPhone, we have to replace the whole assembly.

Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy S III is unique with how it cracks. As you can see in the above image, it looks like the glass is cracked. This is not the case… the glass is just fine, but the extremely thin LCD underneath broken. When the LCD is damaged, the backlight will almost always go out and you will no longer be able to view the images on the screen. This, like the iPod touch and iPhones, has to be replaced as a whole unit. There is just no way around it.

If you have something other than what I have shown above, more than likely it will have some of the same traits. These 4 devices show you a wide range of the LCD screens that are used in devices today and if you match your screen up with one of these 4, I think you will have a very concrete answer on if your LCD is broken or not. If you are still unsure about it, send me a picture to and I will gladly help you out!

Cheers, Troy


Samsung Galaxy Super Bowl Commercial!

Hello M:R Nation –

There were some pretty awesome Super Bowl commercials last night, but one stuck out more than the others for me. I would call it my second favorite commercial of the night. It was the ad that Samsung ran that kind of encompassed their Galaxy S line. They never mentioned any phone in particular, but you can see a Samsung Note II , Samsung Galaxy S III and a Samsung Tab 10.1 .

You can see Kansas City native Paul Rudd and the always funny Seth Rogen taking jabs at each other and pitching a Samsung executive some marketing material. I found this to be a great commercial based upon their dialog alone. Throw in some Samsung Galaxy products and you have me hooked.

I was hoping Apple would appear in this years line of commercials, but it seems they decided to spend their $4,000,000 elsewhere!

Cheers, Troy

Oh, The Weather Outside Is…Now Thats More Like It!

Hello M:R Nation,

In typical Kansas City fashion, we have made a 180 degree turn to blizzard like conditions in about a days time. The snow and wind have pretty much just started and will last until about 1pm and turn into mostly sunny skies…

Can you see it pelting my office window?

Can you see it pelting my office window?



Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 6.57.16 AM


I would think say its safe to say our weather in this part of the world is a cause of major emotional issues. To go from 69 and sunny to 29 and snowy/windy is certainly depressing. Mother nature really played us this time around 😉

Well, the weather might always changing, but Mission Repair is sticking by its old stubborn ways of great customer service, awesome turn around times, new services and great prices! I wish everyone form sunny Southern California to the storm filled East Coast a safe and wonderful day!

Cheers, Troy