Cracked Samsung Chromebook Screen?

Welcome Chromebook Owners –

You just cracked the screen on your Samsung Chromebook and your first reaction is panic… followed by a mad scramble to get on a different computer so you can search for a solution to get that cracked screen fixed. Well, you have come to the right place. You are just a few clicks away from solving all of your Chromebook problems!

Lets start off by identifying what Samsung Chromebook you have:


Once you click on your model, it will take you directly to the screen repair service that you need. Simply pick your inbound and outbound shipping options and add to your cart. Once added, you will proceed to the checkout, fill in your billing and shipping information and click the “Place Order” button. From there we will do the rest.

Once we receive your Chromebook into our professional repair facility, we will remove the old, broken LCD screen and replace it with a brand new screen!

We understand that shipping your Chromebook out can be an intimidating proposition, but when you use our shipping solutions, we will fully insure your Chromebook and you can rest easy knowing that that we partner with Fedex (the best shipping provider in the county) to ship your device into our facility and back to the location of your choosing!

Still have questions? No problem…Give us a ring at 866-638-8402 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Cheers, Troy

Chromebook Repair Services!

Hello MR Nation –

We have been looking to enter the Chromebook repair market for couple of months now, but the time just never seemed right. Parts availability, logistics and physical room all had a hand in pushing back our timeframe to roll out Chromebook services. When offering a whole new line of repair services, these are all valid issues to consider.

I am very happy to announce that not only have we considered those issues, we have fixed those issues! We have obtained a great vendor for our needed parts, we have reconfigured some of our packaging to fit the thinner machines and we have expanded yet again to open up workbench space for your Chromebooks!

What the heck is a Chromebook? That is a great question… A Chromebook is a personal computer running Google Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to be used while connected to the Internet and support applications that reside on the Web, rather than traditional PC applications like Microsoft Office and Photoshop that reside on the machine itself.

What this means is, the market is wide open for computer manufacturers and the Chromebook. With Acer and Samsung being the first to produce Chromebooks, they were quickly followed by the likes of HP, Acer, Lenovo and Google themselves. Today, we are starting with Samsung. We have 2 offerings that we are announcing.

Say hello to the Samsung Chromebook XE500 12.1 LCD Repair Service and Samsung Chromebook XE550 12.1″ LCD Repair Service! These services are available starting today and you can expect the great service and support that Mission Repair is known for. Keep your eyes pealed for new Chromebook offerings that will arrive shortly.

Cheers, Troy