Did you hear the Mix 93.3 Rocket and Teresa show yesterday?

Well, if you had been listening to Mix 93.3 FM here in Kansas City, you would have been engrossed in a big “Mac vs. PC” debate. There were many call-ins and a huge discussion on whether or not to “switch” to Mac’s. . .um, is there really a discussion at all 😉

OK, I LOVE Macs, but that doesn’t mean that I HATE PC’s. I just LOVE Macs. How’s that for political correctness?


Well, as it turns out, Kyle met with Rocket (from the Rocket and Teresa Morning Show) and sold him a Mac that we had for sale. He was so pleased and happy with our business he talked about us all day yesterday during his show. Teresa kidded with him that the computer we sold him was “bootlegged” because it was such a great deal. . .well we promise Rocket you’ll have NO problems using your Apple warranty within the next year, it’s all legit!

They went on and on, and during Rocket’s visit he was made a Mac believer. If you ever need any hands on Mac testimonials or just want to see some cool Macs in operation, stop by our office- we have a plethora of iMacs, Mac Minis, Airport Base stations, Time Capsules, Apple TV’s iPods, iPhones, well you name it – running our office. Of course, this is a Mac operation over here at Mission Repair!

OK, that’s it, just needed to let everyone know that we’re friends with Rocket now 😉 Take care, Ryan