Deal Of The Month (May)!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s a brand new month which means a brand new DEAL here at Mission Repair! May is a great month for many things. Such as / but not limited to: grilling, picnics,fishing, weddings and dropping your Macbook Air. Ok, so that last one might be a bit of a head scratcher… so please allow me to elaborate. For the month of May, we will be offering an amazing deal on our fantastic 11″ and 13″ Macbook Air LCD screen repair services! How amazing? How about $20.00 off amazing? So if you can choose when to drop and crack your screen, this month is sure the month to get that out of the way ūüôā


How your Macbook Air should look!

This repair is actually very tricky. It is not just a matter of uninstalling a whole screen assembly and installing a brand new one. We actually have to build in all the pieces into your already existing back case. It is something that I would definitely not recommend trying on your kitchen table! It takes specialized tools and knowledge to complete the repair successfully.

Thankfully here at Mission Repair, we have both! We have done the R&D to make sure the repairs on theses little guys go off without a hitch every time. If you have a 13″ or 11″, we will professionally repair your Macbook Air and have it back in your hands in no time flat!

To get started just follow this link: Deal Of The Month and choose your size of Macbook Air or give us a call at 866-638-8402!

Cheers, Troy

iPod Touch 4 Screen Repairs!

Hello M:R Nation –

The ‚Äú4th generation iPod Touch‚ÄĚ, what more can we say about it? It keeps chugging away. Folks continue to choose to repair instead of replace these awesome machines and with good reason‚Ķ they just continue to work!¬†Cracking the screen will not render the iPod touch useless in most cases, rather, you just have to compete with shards of glass when¬†perusing Facebook or snapchatting!

Broken Touch 4

We at Mission Repair are in awe of the iPod Touch 4s staying power and are proud to be the premiere repair facility for these great devices! Over the last 4 or so years, we have had the pleasure of repairing a plethora of these devices and we are truly do not see an end in sight! There is just something about these that keep people attached.

If you have an iPod touch that looks like the image above, you certainly need our services! Click here: iPod Touch Screen Repair to get started on your repair today!

Cheers, Troy


Happy Earth Day!

Hello M:R Nation…

…And Happy Earth Day! Today is a day to celebrate what we call home and to spread awareness of how important it is to take care of it. I know, it sounds kind of funny that we have to remind ourselves of how important the Earth is to the human race, but I for one am guilty of taking what we call home for granted. While I won’t bore you with all of the personal goals that I have to shrink my carbon footprint, I will tell you this, I am very proud to be apart of a company that at its very core was founded on a greener solution.


You hear us say it all the time – “Repair, don’t replace”. This has been our modus operandi from day one and we have not lost sight¬†of this! When you decide to repair your broken device instead of replace, you are helping reduce the 50 million tons of electronic waste dumped in the world every year. Sure,¬†50 million tons seems like an insurmountable figure, but I think every little bit counts. Of course, you also get some financial benefits from repairing as well, but for the sake of Earth Day, I will refrain from focusing on the cash you will save :-).

So, if you are contemplating on repairing or replacing, just know this, you are making a green choice even if it doesn’t feel like it. You will be making a decision that you can be proud of! Please give us a call if you need anymore convincing (866-638-8402)! If you are ready to get started on a repair service, click here: Mission:Repair¬†to get started!

Cheers, Troy

We Had a Great Visitor This Week!

Hello M:R Nation –

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you received a cool blurb last week about our Express location and the business that previously occupied our new space. If not, here is an excerpt:

The business that used to be in our Mission Repair Express location was¬†Gass Camera Repair¬†who had been operating since 1960.¬† I had to think about that for a minute, that’s 54 years in the same spot, running a business.¬† All I have to say is “wow”…from a business owner’s perspective, that’s a success in my book.

While this was a cool read, something even more amazing happened this week! the Gass Family stopped by to see the new face we gave ¬†the old place and I was able to take a picture of them by the “old sign” that Ryan referred to.

photo 2

A VERY spunky Mr & Mrs Gass!

We enjoyed hearing a few old stories about the building and area and even a few jokes that Mr. Gass picked up after 60 years of marriage! My favorite being “I’ve worked this this woman for 60 years and there is nothing wrong with me yet” while twitching uncontrollably.¬†this really brightened up our week and hope that the Gass Family will stop by as much as they can!

Speaking of stopping by, have you had a chance to come into one of our locations to get that repaired completed yet?  Here are our addresses, pick the one closest to you and stop on by!

Mission Repair
Corporate Offices
& Service Lab

19941 W. 162nd St.
Olathe, KS 66062

Mission Repair Express
Express Repairs

5604 Johnson Dr.
Mission, KS 66202

Cheers, Troy

Remember Our March “The Deal Of The Month”!

Hello M:R Nation –

This is just a quick reminder of the March ‚ÄúDeal Of The Month‚ÄĚ! All month long we will be offering our 4th Generation iPod Touch screen repair services for the sicking low price of $44.00!

broken touch 4

Do you have broken glass? No touch function? Ink blotch looking LCD screen? This repair service will cover all of those issues! This deal is is ongoing through the month of March and is good for both the white and black versions of the 4th Gen iPod Touch! Getting started is as simple as clicking this link: Deal Of The Month! We look forward to seeing your iPod Touch at one of our facilities very soon!

Cheers, Troy