Samsung Jitterbug Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

We have a very interesting service to talk about today. It’s not often that we offer flip phone services due to the growing popularity of the smartphone, but this is different. This is the Jitterbug!

I know what you are going to say, “Isn’t the jitterbug a dance?” Well yes it is, but it is also a very simple and popular cell phone. When I say simple, I mean SIMPLE! No camera, no browser, no kitchen sink… It is just a phone.


Jitterbug repair, broken sasmung screen


But don’t take my emphasis on the word simple as a bad thing. This phone is great for those folks who just want to use a phone as it was originally intended by Alexander Graham Bell, to TALK on. The best feature of this phone is the dial tone you get when you flip it open. It also has a press “0” for an operator option. These are long forgotten about features and I love that someone if keeping them alive.

So why service these? Because you have asked for it! We have had many people in need of this service and who are we to deny? So starting today, we are offering the Samsung Jitterbug A310 LCD Screen Repair at a sickening low price of $59.00 :-)! This service will replace the front view and main LCDs screens.

This kind of news deserves a jitterbug (the dance) don’t you think? I’ll try to get a video of Ryan preforming this dance for you. It might take a few hours and a couple of bottles, but I think I will be successful!

Cheers, Troy