Can one have too much pumpkin in their diet?

Hello friends,

It’s Wednesday at noon, and I’m still drinking my morning cup of coffee. Yes, it’s getting a little old, a little cold, but it still tastes like the pumpkin spice coffee creamer that Sherri brought in for the office to share.


That made me think…I’ve had a lot of “pumpkin” already this month…and with Halloween just around the corner it seems like it’ll just get a little “worse” the next few days. I won’t kid ya; I like Starbucks pumpkin lattes as a treat once in a while; I’ve also enjoyed a few pumpkin beers recently, some pumpkin bread, and of course I’m really looking forward to pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving next month.

Is that too much pumpkin? Never!

I tried to come up with a way to add some pumpkin spice to our iPhone repairs here at Mission Repair, but I’m kind of at a stand still. Should I add a pumpkin flavored “air freshener” to your return package after we repair your item to help get you in the spirit? I might be going a little far here, but I like to have fun at the business, Mission Repair is all about it’s customers, and I just might try to add a little something to all of our services shortly.

You can look forward to the scents of pine trees at Christmas for sure…

Until then, have a great day and get yourself a pumpkin cupcake for dessert after lunch today if you can!

Take care, Ryan