The Predator was in Kansas City last night!

Hello everyone, this is a quick blog about a company function we had last night…for those that were up to it, the Mission Repair team went to the downtown Kansas City movie theater where they were showing the 1987 smash hit “Predator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, it’s been some time since it’s release, and most of us had seen it before, but never like this!

First, there was an awesome “predator” in the lobby of the movie theater terrorizing all of us. It was actually very cool!

The special “difference” during this showing was that when there were explosions and fire in the movie, they added explosions and fire and sound effects that actually happened in the theater!!

Do you remember the movie? Here’s the ending when the Predator is about to self destruct, and Arnold was running to get away from the impending explosion:

Then when the explosion happens in the movie, the pyrotechnics team releases an explosion in the theater!

Overall it was a fun and exciting way to see an old classic movie and keep the genre alive! They announced that next month they will be showing “Die Hard” and I can’t wait!

Ok folks back to work for me. Actually I have an appointment at the Apple Store, so I’ll be back this afternoon with more blog goodies then.

Take care, Ryan